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Expired Checking Account Bonuses Santander 225 Simply Checking Offer

Published on April 1st, 2017 | by sirtheta


[Expired] [Extended to Q2] Santander $225 Checking Bonus [NH, MA, RI, CT, DE, NY, NJ & PA only]

This deal has expired. You can view the best current bonuses here.

Update 3: Santander has renewed the offer for quarter 2. I’m republishing because the offer is the exact same and many answers can be found in the comments. The refreshed offer contains the state restrictions on the banner.

Update 2: Reader Paul points out that the offer is now restricted to those who are residents of: NH, MA, RI, CT, DE, NY, NJ & PA

Update 1: I am re-publishing this because Santander has been processing applications & deposits. You may find that the $150 offer is linked in your account disclosures (see this post), but a representative confirmed to me that the $150 offer being linked is a system error and that anyone who used the correct promotion code (WINTER225) after February 1 at midnight (eastern time) is registered for the $225 bonus. You will receive something like 7 pieces of mail from Santander: the big packet should have a sheet indicating you are signed up for the $225 offer.

Santander has had $225 to $350 checking account bonuses available by targeted mailer for a while. Now, reader XC has brought a public $225 checking offer to our attention, which looks like it has replaced the now-expired $150 offers (for the short while that it is valid).

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: $225
  • Availability: Must be a resident of: NH, MA, RI, CT, DE, NY, NJ & PA
  • Direct deposit required: Yes, one or more totaling $500 (see what counts here)
  • Additional requirements: Account must be open for a minimum of 90 days
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft, see below
  • Credit card funding: Up to $500
  • Monthly fees: $10 – $35, waiveable
  • Early account termination fee: $25 if closed within 90 days of opening
  • Expiration date: June 30, 2017

The Offer

Direct link to offer. You can open the account online (and do up to $500 in credit card funding) or print out a coupon using the above link and bring it in-branch to open. Note that Santander has not yet fully rolled out this offer — so, while there is a link for the Simply Right Checking account, there isn’t yet a direct one for the Basic Checking & Premier Plus Checking accounts even though they are also eligible.

  • Receive a $225 bonus by opening an eligible new checking account with the promo code SPRING225 and doing the following:
    • Receive direct deposits totaling at least $500 within the first 90 days, AND
    • Keep your account open for at least 90 days.
  • Tip: On the funding page the option to uncheck the $3 paper statement fee is grayed out and you have to remember to change it to Paperless option after getting online access to avoid $3 paper statement fee. Hat tip to MarcoPolo.

Santander 225 Simply Checking Offer

The Fine Print

  • Offer is not available if any account owner is a current deposit customer of Santander or had a Santander deposit account in the last 12 months prior to account opening.
  • Cannot be combined with other offers.
  • Eligible new account must be opened between 04/01/2017 – 06/30/2017.
  • In order to receive the bonus, the account must remain open and in the eligible product type at the time of bonus payout. In addition, the account must have a positive balance at the time of bonus payment.
  • Bonus is considered interest and will be reported to IRS on Form 1099-INT.
  • If multiple accounts are opened with the same signer, only one account will be eligible for the bonus.
  • Direct deposits include deposits made by your employer or a federal or state government agency or retirement benefits administrator and generally payments made by corporations or other organizations. They do not include deposits to your account that are made by an individual using online banking or an Internet payment provider such as PayPal.

Avoiding Fees

Basic Checking

There is a non-waiveable $3 monthly service fee.

Simply Right Checking

There is a $10 monthly fee that is waived when you make any financial transaction that posts during a calendar month*. Includes deposits, withdrawals, transfers or payments. Excludes fees, rebates or adjustments posted by Santander.

*based on the footnote “per service fee period”, you should interpret this to refer to a transaction posting during each statement cycle (as you would expect) — if your statement cycle does not match up with the calendar month.

Premier Plus

Not that I think anyone here is considering this account, but there is a $35 monthly fee that is waived by maintaining $75,000 in combined balances in deposits and investments held with Santander Investment Services, OR 6,000 in total monthly direct deposits.

Our Verdict

Considering that $150 seems to be their new standard offer, and that offer easily made our best bank bonus page, this is fantastic. Do note that it has a very limited lifespan (59 days) and that the overdraft protection agreement is quite confusing. You are forced to agree to it when applying online, but you’ll want to select “Some overdrafts” instead of “All overdrafts” to avoid the hard pull. I’ve already taken the plunge, and I think this offer is worth your while. If you set up an online banking login during the application process, you can check the status of your application by logging in at this link.

Though I will likely keep the account around a while longer than 4 months, I see little reason to deviate from Will’s plan, as laid out in his $150 post:

  • Open a Simply Right Checking account (not Basic).
  • Fund $500 with a non-Citi/Discover/American Express card, preferably with a cash advance limit as close to $0 as possible. You may have success with Citi now-a-days.
  • Do a $500 direct deposit to meet the direct deposit requirement and waive the first monthly fee.
  • Withdraw however much you wish.
  • Do an automatic bill pay (to wherever) of at least $1, monthly, to keep the account fee-free.
  • Wait 90 days from account opening, then wait another 30 days for bonus to post.
  • Close account.

I imagine this will quickly be added to our bank bonus database. Please keep in mind that Santander has cracked down on what counts as a direct deposit, which is why you see PayPal specifically excluded. You can go here for Will’s excellent write-up on the subject and can view recent data points here.

Hat tip to reader XC.

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579 Responses to [Expired] [Extended to Q2] Santander $225 Checking Bonus [NH, MA, RI, CT, DE, NY, NJ & PA only]

  1. Mark says:

    DP Chase still works as ach. Cheers:)

    • David T says:

      Can you clarify if your Chase account was a business or personal account? Thanks!

    • Victor says:

      I would also like to know

    • Jenny says:

      I just used chase freedom unlimited to open this checking account. Phoned chase to learn no cash advance fees if sandander calls it a purchase. Called Santander and she said It counts as purchase.
      Wondering how I will know if a one time HSA distribution will be comsidered as a DD. Any ideas? Otherwise I will have to use another way, more time consuming. Also, does a debit card swipe count as a transaction to satisfy their conditions?

    • Marco says:

      You transferred from a Chase checking account and got the bonus?

      • Jenny says:

        No. The chase credit card was used to open the account with $500, per their terms. I did get the $225 recently after meeting other terms. I am going to cancel the account any day

  2. prussiablue says:

    Fourth bank bonus in 2017 already 🙂

  3. NoonRadar says:

    Previous offer (now expired) had this language: “Offer is not available to current or former Santander customers who opened a Santander checking account between 01/01/2016 – 12/31/2016”

    They have replaced it now with the usual lingo most banks have, indicating you aren’t eligible for the bonus if you’ve had an account in the last 12 months. I wonder if this is hard coded to prevent the bonus from auto-posting. I’ve closed their Extra20 checking (and savings) account less than 12 months ago, I’m guessing so have many of us. If someone decides to give this scenario a try and see if the bonus posts, please let us know in the comments. Thank you!

    • Peter says:

      I’m in the same boat. I don”t think it’s worth risking it, and since the offer will expire before we get any data points that means I’ll probably pass on this one. Oh well can get whatever offers they’re doing the 2nd half of the year.

    • sirtheta says:

      I personally would not want to chance it. While the terms are new for Santander, I think that makes it more likely they’ve spent time testing their system for determining eligibility.

      • Matt says:

        What’s the downside of chancing it?

        • sirtheta says:

          Chancing it would reset the 12 month clock, which is probably going to be a standard condition going forward. So you could be locked out of a future Santander bonus with nothing to show for it.

      • NoonRadar says:

        Putting that exclusionary verbiage on the terms will deter most and it costs the bank nothing. Making their computers to code this correctly takes some work and trials. Point being, just because the language is there it doesn’t mean it will work as stated. I’ve seen all kind of online technical errors and glitches from the non-huge banks, though I haven’t tested a scenario like this specifically.

        Having said that, yes one would risk resetting the 12 month clock by trying, in case they don’t get the bonus.

  4. Chris says:

    So for those of us who took the $150 public offer is there any chance they’ll match us to this if we request it, or are we out of luck? I await DPs.

    • Mark O says:

      Same question – still waiting on my $150 which should be in the next week or two.

    • Why not be the datapoint you want to see? Call in and ask

      • MarkNY says:

        On 2/1/17, I called in to Santander to inquire specifically about matching the 225 for those of us who recently signed up for the $150. I literally signed up 48 hours prior to seeing the increase offer to $225. The rep stated I must wait for the offer to post to my account so they can see what amount it is, as she wasn’t sure or couldn’t see in my account which amount was set to post . Ah, this annoys me but it’s Santander.

  5. Raphael says:

    I signed up with the $150 offer less than a month ago (and haven’t received the bonus yet). Any chance they would match the new offer?

    • Ferris says:

      I just signed up last night :'( kill me

    • Larry says:

      I’m in the same boat as you though I applied only two weeks ago. I called Santander and they said they don’t match offers.

      You could try and maybe have a better result but believe we’re out of luck this time.

    • Jesse says:

      I just called and asked. They told me that because the offer wasn’t available when I opened the account, they wouldn’t be able to “correct” (my word, not theirs), the promo code applied to the account

  6. Superchurn says:

    Santander is the one and only bank I’ve never been able to get approved for. Autodenied every time. Are they particularly Chex sensitive?

    I’d love to squeeze $225 out of them if anyone has any ideas how to get approved.

    • Jason says:

      I have the same question.

    • Ferris says:

      I applied about 2 weeks ago after 4 other checking accounts that week and got denied. I waited about 2 weeks and tried again with the same info but had to pick a new username and got approved! so keep trying?

    • AFAIK they aren’t inquiry sensitive:

      What was the reason you got for denial?

      • Superchurn says:

        No actual reason was given, just a screen that says:

        “Notice of Adverse Action Based on Information Contained in Consumer Report
        Date of Action Taken: 2017-02-01

        We regret we cannot open your account and/or add your name as an owner/signer to an account with Santander Bank, N.A.
        We were unable to verify your identity or other personal information at this time. Please visit a Branch to complete your application.”

        It seems to be a problem that has affected a few others in this thread too.

    • Gino says:

      If your being denied opening a checking account, YES, it’s due to having something in the Chex System, like a bounced check, or money owed to a bank for unpaid overdraft fees, insufficient fund fees etc. You can Contact Chex System and they will mail you a statement of your Last 5 year Chex system reports. Anything more than 5 years old clears automatically. It would be worth it if something like a 35, 50, or 100 dollar issue is stopping the checking account. The 225 dol bonus offer is good til 6/30 so u have time, and we’ll worth it. And u can often negotiate an old fee.I did it. 125 dol down to 35.

  7. Eli says:

    Credit card funding with AMEX work for this (not seen as cash advance)?

  8. Curmudgeon says:

    Contrary DP: Funded checking/savings with Citi DoubleCash on 1/18/17. Posted as purchase (cash advance limit set to zero). This was my wife’s account.

    I think I funded mine with a Citi Hilton card, also posted as purchase (cash advance limit set to zero as well)

  9. Ray says:

    Hmm, I opened the account with the WINTER225 code as soon as I saw this post, but it was at 11PM PST as I am in CA…unfortunately, the timestamps on the documents (on the application status page) also say 11PM 1/31/2017 and I only see a disclosure with the $150 offer….

    I really hope the $225 offer went through…clearly this was one of those times I shouldn’t have jumped on the offer!

    • Jay says:

      In the same boat here. Time stamp says I applied 11:31 PM PST. Looking over the fine print the offer says 2/1/2017 – 3/31/2017. I also used the WINTER225 code. Here’s to hoping…

    • Ray says:

      Update: they have denied me of any bonus claiming that my application did not have the promo code applied to it. Lucky for me, I was able to download my application materials from their application website which CLEARLY state that the code was used…..looks like it’s time for a CFPB complaint

  10. Mser says:

    Is it standard to get this after applying? : “Thank you for sending us your application for the following product(s):

    Simply Right℠ Checking

    We will email you when we’ve processed your application. If you have any questions before then, just give us a call at 1-877-860-9753.

    Thanks and have a great day.

    Santander Bank, NA

    Santander Online Account Opening


    8:00 AM – 8:00 PM EST”

    Or have others rec’d automatic approvals online?

  11. NC says:

    What a bummer! I jumped on the $150 bonus just before it expired.

    Until next time.

  12. Ivan says:

    Notice of Adverse Action Based on Information Contained in Consumer Report
    Date of Action Taken: 2017-02-01

    We regret we cannot open your account and/or add your name as an owner/signer to an account with Santander Bank, N.A.
    We were unable to verify your identity or other personal information at this time. Please visit a Branch to complete your application.

    Is it worth opening in branch???? Or this has something to do with my Chexsystems? Anyone denied?

    • Superchurn says:

      this is exactly what my 2 rejections looked like. i’m pretty sure it’s a generic denial. when i called them, they said i could come talk to them in branch, but I live on the west coast.

      I suspect it’s a chexsystems issue

      very disheartening 🙁

    • B says:

      got same message. called them and said need to go to branch. I moved to new place 4 months ago, may be that’s why they not able to verify identity.

      I just used email coupon function and got code in the email and planning to go to branch this Saturday. Will update you then.

  13. Bob says:

    Any DP that Ally will trigger DD ?

  14. scwam says:

    F**K. Should have used a vpn like I thought. Perfect checksystem and credit. Go through the process and does all the 4 green check marks and “declined” due to lack of being able to verify into. Called to confirm and he ask where I was located – Japan. Should have known given I’ve had this happen before.

    • Superchurn says:

      if it makes you feel better, I applied twice using a US IP address and was declined for the same reason both times

      • YZ says:

        same here, declined due to the same reason

        called immediately, told me they cannot find detailed information, within 24-48 hours I should got an email with the detailed info, also “you are welcome to apply again later some time”

  15. kalf8483 says:

    Anyone confirm no hard pull?

  16. John says:

    No mention about household restrictions?

    • sirtheta says:

      I’ve read the terms backwards and forwards, and there is no language about household restrictions. I don’t think anyone plans to do this (or expects differently), but by my reading of the terms, opening a joint account would exclude the additional account signer from getting their own bonus.

  17. Jack says:

    additional $50 referral bonus (removed link, don’t just randomly post referral links as it clutters the whole site)

    • Jack says:

      This can be combined with the current $225 offer

      • George says:

        the landing page from your referral link says $150 not $225 so not sure if it is worth the risk
        can you show some DP??

        • kalf8483 says:

          i dont see any information about $150, let alone the $225. I would suspect this link will not get you the sign up bonus

    • Michael says:

      Awesome, used the link. Thanks!

    • Ferris says:

      wow I really missed out

    • Nick says:

      Terms and conditions on the referral page say the referrer will get the $50 but the referee will not. The referee will get the highest of the offers they are eligible for ($50 or $225). Using a referral link is a good idea to help others but unless it is overlooked, you won’t get an extra $50. I don’t see any DPs posted yet.

    • Schmekel says:

      “additional $50 referral bonus (removed link, don’t just randomly post referral links as it clutters the whole site)”

      Is there one link posted here for the referral bonus?
      It’s necessary to use someone’s referral link to get this addition bonus.

  18. Mark says:

    Just got the $150 bonus yesterday on an account I opened in October 2016. Can I open a new account in my wife’s name for this offer, or will it get kicked out because the address is the same?? Thanks to all who have provided helpful info.

  19. Mark says:

    Non-Resident Alien doesn’t seem to be able to apply online

  20. Ugly says:

    Any recent DP for what could counts as direct deposit?

  21. Aki Das says:

    Dont think its nationwide.No go in MN online and via Phone.
    Their systems are unable to verify identities for some reason and the rep mentioned it might be just rejecting based on location.

    • Superchurn says:

      I had the same issue. But my wife signed up from the same IP in Oregon and hers went through fine.

      There’s definitely something odd going on for some people.

  22. Son says:

    So send money from my Chase account will work? Also, what if I open an account for my SO, but she doesn’t have a Chase account. Can I send money from my Chase account to her account?


  23. Matt says:

    Might I suggest using a portion of your tax refund as the direct deposit which would qualify. When you do your taxes you can enter more than one bank for your refund. Just make this one $500 and the balance in another. Just sayn…….there is your DD requirement.

  24. Anthony says:

    Anyone else with a DP on using the Fidelity Visa Rewards 2% card to fund the account?

  25. Jan says:

    Can I use a visa gift card to fund the account? Tahnks!

  26. dan says:

    if opening a savings acct, anyone was able to fund with CC for $500?

  27. dan says:

    anyone used the Spark cash CC to fund coded as purchase?

  28. joshua says:

    Declined, unable to verify identity. Rep said go to a branch but I live well outside their footprint.They were nice but offered no reasons or further options to proceed other than this. Said they could not access that system at this time… bla bla. Never had a checksystems issue before in dealing with many banks. So apparently a no go. Strange bank..

    • Superchurn says:

      its a common issue it seems…affected me too

    • Sara says:

      Happened to me too! Weirdest part is that the heading of the emails says “Notice of Adverse Action Based on Information Contained in Consumer Report”, but the email itself says it couldn’t verify my identify. How can they say that the decision is based on my report if they can’t verify my identify?! (Also, I just received my check systems record last week and there are 0 issues…) It makes no sense, and frankly, makes me suspicious.

      There is a Santander down the street, so I’m one of the lucky ones will resolve it.

  29. justdoit says:

    I really want to apply and refer some people as this looks like it may be Santander’s highest bonus. Do you have to live near a branch or in the same state with one to apply? Any way to do the DD without using a special credit card or employer or government check (many self-employed folks don’t have those so they’re being unfairly excluded). ACH transfer doesn’t work? Amazon Payments? If you sign up for, one of their payout options is “Payout by bank transfer – Direct Deposit.” Worth trying?

  30. Jeff H says:

    Both Wells Fargo and Fidelity Investments qualify DD. AFIK.

  31. Dan says:

    This bank denied me last summer but I was approved this time around. My guess is that they are like HSBC in that they are very sensitive to ID verification. I do not have an account yet but the application page that can be accessed from the link in the welcome email says approved.

    HOWEVER, it is showing $150 bonus tied to the account even though I used the WINTER225 code. We’ll see how that pans out.

  32. J.M. says:

    On the first page of the app I get to this check box:

    I authorize Santander to obtain my consumer report.*

    This is just authorizing the soft pull ChexSystems inquiry right? Page one doesn’t have anything about the overdraft so I assume that will show up on page 2 or later…

    I moved 7 months ago and wondering if I’ll get tagged by the CheckSystem check – the app isn’t asking whether I’ve lived at current address – not allowing me to enter old address.

  33. MarcoPolo says:

    Just my luck.
    I applied for this account few days ago and now the bonus has gone up by $75.
    On the bright side just got $250 freebie from Wells Fargo!
    Well you win some you lose some.

  34. MarcoPolo says:

    DP: I was able to fund $1000 ($500 each) as I also opened a Savings account along with the Checking.
    Funded with Chase Sapphire Reserve which posted as purchase.
    Still waiting to see if a transfer of $500 from Alliant (a family member’s account) will trigger the bonus or not.

  35. MarcoPolo says:

    Not sure if that’s true Eric as it clearly says in the fine print:

    “Offer cannot be combined with other checking cash bonus offers. Limit of one bonus per qualifying account.”

  36. enigma says:

    Applied today and used coupon WINTER225.

    Still the account shows –

    $150 Online Checking Bonus Offer Eligibility Requirements
    Delivery Only: by xxx on 02/02/17 at 11:17 AM

    Anyone else facing the same issue.

    • Lenny Williams says:

      Still shows $150 Online Checking Bonus Offer Eligibility Requirements – attached to application as of 12:38PM, 2/3/2017

  37. Eric says:

    I did get both offer last year

  38. Seriously says:

    someone may have said this already, or im being lied to, but i was just told their application processing system has been down for 2 days.

    • Schmekel says:

      I read the same thing on another forum 1-2 days ago – that cs told the poster that their application system had been down for a few days.

  39. E.M. says:

    $50 referral bonus if you register through this link [link removed]

  40. Ben says:

    Does anyone know if fidelity ach counts as direct deposit?

  41. John says:


    in-ter-es-ting spe-lling

  42. Mser says:

    Applied and “approved” 2/1 but 2/1 email says “We will email you when we’ve processed your application”.

    I presume everyone is still waiting for Santander to process our applications?

  43. Barb says:

    I used my Capital One Venture card to fund Santander with $500. I did not have to lower my cash advance credit and it posted under “other services” on my transactions.

  44. CGID says:

    The DoC recommends (in boldface) at the beginning of this post that we not apply to open an account until Santander has worked out some initial issues with this promotion.

    Is that advice still active? If not, and he feels everybody should have a complete green light now, does it make sense to take that warning down?

    • sirtheta says:

      As far as I have heard, Santander’s ability to process applications is not yet back up. (Mine, for example, is approved but has not yet been processed). I will definitely update the post once I’ve heard confirmation that they are up and running. (which should hopefully be soon, given that it’s been 5 business days!)

      • Bob says:

        Any update on this? Is it safe to open this yet?

        • Bob says:

          Back with DP: applied 2/10, failed verification questions after answering just one of them…”cannot verify identity, please go in branch.” But I don’t want to go in branch because I want to do CC funding for min spends! Ugh c’mon Santander, get your shizz together..

    • I’ll check with sirtheta, not sure what’s going on.

      • CGID says:

        Bob (immediately above, Feb 10) and also Mord1 further down (Feb 9) are asking whether you still want us to hold off on applying for a Santander account.

        Any thoughts from you or Sirtheta?

  45. Ani says:

    I tried to open the online and got “unable to verify your identity”. Email said I was denied. Today I went to local branch in DE. They opened the account for me. But when I used my Chase Sapphire Preferred for initial funding of $500, it was declined. Rep said it was a cash advance transaction. I had limit set up as $100.

  46. mord1 says:

    Can I apply now, or are we still waiting at this point? TIA

  47. Schmekel says:

    I applied 2 days ago, turned down again (was turned down for the lesser offer last month).
    Can’t verify identity (even though I answered all the multiple choice questions correctly).

  48. Eric says:

    Can anyone confirm that Robinhood transfer to bank count as direct deposit?

  49. Jesse says:

    Just app’d with a CSP $500 funding. CA limit is set to $20. Account says approved using the login link that sirtheta posted higher up in the thread. Says that I’ll be notified when the account is open.

  50. Marty says:

    So far in my application process, I’m only able to fund $99 into the checking, and $99 into savings. Any three digit number is automatically converted into a dollar and cents amount. i.e., if I enter $500, the system changes it immediately to $5.00. I’ve had this happen in both Safari and Chrome. Thoughts? Suggestions? Help???

  51. Devon says:

    Applied on 2/3 (week ago today) and application status still says “Under Review”

    • Devon says:

      And added DP, wife’s application from Tuesday 2/7 is now showing approved

      • Richard says:

        Where can you see the status after you applied? I haven’t received any communication from them after Wednesday when I applied, besides the “we’ll let you know once it has been processed.”


  52. J says:

    Just a DP. Funded $500 using Freedom Unlimited for 1.5% back in UR. I didn’t see any DP for CFU (only regular Freedom) so I thought it would be helpful.

  53. Josh says:

    Also declined. Annoying

  54. Samuel says:

    You can fund $1000 with a credit card if you open a savings account as well.

  55. Jesse says:

    The link sirtheta provided shows me as approved, but the $500 charge to my CSP fell off. I’m assuming it will come back once the account is “officially” approved, but annoying nonetheless.

  56. aJampot says:

    Just wondering if there is another bank account bonus with strict DD requirement as this. I wanted to get this bonus by sending my tax refund as DD. But my tax refund is over $1000 and therefore wanted to do another bank bonus offer with strict DD requirement which I can DD from my tax refund in addition this.

    Thank for the help and keep up the good work DoC.

  57. aJampot says:

    Thanks William.
    That’s what I am planning to do but want to know which bank has strict DD requirement similar to Santander’s?
    I mean where should I send the second part of the tax refund.

  58. Brendan says:

    Here’s a datapoint since I couldn’t find anyone stating that Bluebird DD works for Santander.

    Opened 11/4
    Bluebird DD 11/27
    Bonus Posted 2/14

  59. John says:

    This has to be the most novice bank of all time with all these still pending applications 2-3 weeks after applying.

  60. david says:

    is the bonus $250 ? fixed?

  61. Sherman says:

    I had applied online the same day WINTER225 promo code was offered.

    Called and they said account was approved but still haven’t received new account package nor have they posted the $500 CC deposit. They mentioned it can take 7-14 days to setup a new checking account?!?!?

    Does it really take this long?

  62. Mark O says:

    DP Just got paid my $150 bonus – took almost 90 days from deposit. Cap 360 worked as DD

  63. Mser says:

    Finally rec’d email saying “congratulations! Your Simply Right Checking has been opened”. This is for an application I made on 2/1. Still shows $150 bonus language (which expired 1/31 based on the info they show). Used the WINTER225 promo code when signing up, so hopefully these buffoons get it right.

    No wonder Santander is on the brink of BK all the time…

    • Nick says:

      Same here. Account opened today after applying 2/1 (1/31 in PST timezone). I still have the $150 disclosure. I had hope that they would fix the attached bonus when opening the account, but no such luck. Probably going to have to get $75 manually credited after 120 days…

    • Nick says:

      Got the email saying my account finally opened today as well after applying on 02/01. Says I need to send in the signature card for the checking and savings within 30 days or else they’ll close the account. Hopefully the process is smooth and they don’t screw over the customers by sending the packets late or for any other BS reasons

  64. chasejuggler says:

    Applied on 2/1/2017, approved on 2/16/2017.

  65. John says:

    Okay so I’ve always been confused about the language regarding keeping your account open for any period of time. When it says must keep account open for 90 days, is that 90 days from account opening or 90 days from first statement date?

    • Gmoney says:

      From opening unless otherwise stated. Once you hit the 90 days, it doesn’t hurt to let the next statement cut just in case. I’ve never had a problem with that though.

  66. Joe says:

    My application is still pending, but the Debit card funding is no longer pending and never posted. Rejected?

  67. P says:

    I can’t find that Hawaii is excluded. Is this bonus available in the 50 states and territories or just the lower 48 states and Alaska?

  68. L says:

    Finally got mine opened today for my S.O. It says $150 still but hoping the $225 gets honored. I emailed them to confirm it

  69. projectx says:

    10 days after applying the account and hearing nothing I finally called it. Good news: account is approved. Bad news: It will still be a few days before it’s “opened” and a few more days after that until I receive the welcome packet. Big backlog with the promotion.

    Interestingly enough, I learned it’s actually pronounced “Sahn-tahn-dare”. Who knew?

  70. Pat says:

    Tried online from TX, autodeclined due to identity not verified in spite of answering everything correctly and uploading id documents. But have also opened 4 bank accounts in the last 2 weeks, all were approved. Funnily, the first verification question was: “There are many bank cards in your name. Which of the following banks do you not have an account?” ha ha.

  71. Bhai says:

    So this is denial right?

    Notice of Adverse Action Based on Information Contained in Consumer Report
    Date of Action Taken: 2017-02-01

    We regret we cannot open your account and/or add your name as an owner/signer to an account with Santander Bank, N.A.

    We were unable to verify your identity or other personal information at this time. Please visit a Branch to complete your application.

  72. Mike says:

    Do an automatic bill pay (to wherever) of at least $1

    Why at least $1?


  73. Dan says:

    I guess I’ll be the guinea pig to find out if the 1 year previous account restriction is actually enforced. Worse comes to worst, I still got $500 free credit card spend

  74. nonimmigranth1b says:

    Just Applied. Under review. funded with $500 credit card.

  75. kalf8483 says:

    account finally opened. applied 2/1. is there anyway to login to the actual account? my username for the application doesnt work on their main website

    • L says:

      you’ll have to wait for the debit card almost for sure.

    • Superchurn says:

      Same question. But I think L is right, will likely have to wait for the welcome packet before setting up online banking

      • Devon says:

        Received debit card but still no way to Enroll in online banking. Has anyone done it or is there another packet of info that we have to receive first? Thanks!

        • Marty says:

          Temporary username is your social security number, then just go through forgot my password, you can set up a new user ID and password after. You’ll likely get this info in the mail in 1-2 days, but if you’re anxious to get started, this is how you do it.

  76. Joe says:

    Closed a business one with them last month, am I able to open the personal one and still get the bonus?

  77. Mark Schmidt says:

    Just applied and got declined… This is the first time I got declined applying for any card. “We were unable to verify your identity or other personal information at this time. Please visit a Branch to complete your application.” I’m pretty sure my information is correct and I just applied for the Wells Fargo bonus and got approved. I don’t know what Santander is up to. 🙁

    • JCF says:

      Same situation. There are people here that reported having no issues when opening the account at a branch. My issue is at the moment they are far from home 🙁

      Hope this helps!

  78. anthonyjh21 says:

    Hell, I can’t even get the 12 month clock going because my two attempts of calling to close my extra20 checking have been a waste of 40+ minutes. Was on hold one call over 25 min and wish 20 on the second. I know this isn’t related to this post but does anyone know of a more dedicated number to call to close it down? They’re getting up there with Citibank as far as difficulty of closing an account.

  79. Ma0Zed0ng says:

    Just opened an account today (2/17/17 pst) and the charge imminently showed up on my citi double cash.

  80. Sim says:

    My application was Declined in HI. It is not nationwide ( ; _ ; )

    • P says:

      I’m in HI and just applied today. Application is pending and charge on my CC is pending. How long ago did you apply?

    • P says:

      It appears this is the case. I have not gotten the official denial yet, but the 2/17 pending charge on my Fairmont card just disappeared and didn’t post. I’m a bit disappointed, but there are plenty of other offers. I’ll just have to make a note on my spreadsheet that Santander bonuses are no-no for Hawaii residents in case I mistakenly apply for another Santander offer in the future.

      • P says:

        Interestingly the difference between my total credit limit and available credit limit (less posted transactions) is exactly $500. i hope this has something to do with the fact that there’s a limbo between pending to posted with Chase cards. I hope the $500 ascend from Purgatory into Heaven and not Hell. Hahaha

      • P says:

        Nope it didn’t post, but the online status has not been updated yet. Still says approved (kinda)
        Submitted Applications
        We are processing your applications. We will notify you once we are done.


        Simply Right℠ Checking
        Approved. You will be notified once the account is opened

  81. tton13 says:

    So does the tax refund satisfy direct deposit?

  82. EBF says:

    Anyone know if the “last 12 months prior” is by month or day? I closed my last account with them March 15, 2016! Should I try to get in on this one before 3/31, or play it safe and hope for another deal in April?

    “Offer is not available if any account owner is a current deposit customer of Santander or had a Santander deposit account in the last 12 months prior to account opening.”

  83. Superchurn says:

    Has anyone tried doing a Bill Pay instead of an ACH push to the account? I’ve never tried such a thing before, and wondering it it would count as a DD

    • Ferris says:

      sometimes when you do a bill pay to another institution it’s carried out through mailing checks. so it might not count since it would literally just be a check deposit.

  84. Mario says:

    Is this offer valid for customers in California?

  85. Steven says:

    I had a problem with Santander where they kept trying to send autopays to my Amex card after the account was closed. For month 6, after the regular ACH pays failed, they sent a check from my closed account. Obviously the check bounced and Amex charged me a fee. Argued with Santander who said none of this was their responsibility and I’d have to pay the fee from Amex. Their solution was to plead with Amex to get them to waive the fee due to Santander’s screwy autopay system.

    So the lesson here is to make damn well sure you’ve canceled all autopays before closing your account. I won’t even be setting up an auto pay through them just to avoid this in the future.

  86. P says:

    I finally got to read all the comments on this thread. I was holding off applying because I wasn’t sure when I’ll be able to do the DD requirement, but since a lot of people have reported taking two weeks to process, I went ahead and did it. Hopefully gets approved.

    • MarcoPolo says:

      I too am holding off applying due to delay and now the glitch about only $150 showing instead of $225.
      I’ll wait few more days hoping they’ll fix the glitch but have to agree that this bank is very slow.

  87. Bob says:

    In-branch DP: denied online just like all of you for verification failure. Banker at branch said the app doesn’t go through at all if you fail the questions, which I hope translates into no Chex inquiry on the first try! No problems opening up in branch, confirmed bonus requirements of total DD of $500 (can be multiple). He did ask if I got the bonus offer email from the bank and I said yes but he didn’t ask to see it, just said to have it on file and not delete it before the bonus posts.

    TL;DR: If you fail verification, go into the branch and it works without a blip. Their system just sucks. I can live with not maximizing on the $500 CC funding.

  88. Gmoney says:

    Applied 2/2, application said approved but account not opened. Just notified today 2/20 that it’s opened. I also checked my Chase Sapphire Preferred and there are some charges from Santander pending for my opening deposit (though they look odd. one for $500 and one for -$1000…I opened up both checking and savings so I should have two $500 charges). I’ll update when/if they go through.

    I assume we have to wait for the packet to come in the mail in 7-10 days to be able to set up online banking. Anyone have success opening without? I assume you can do it if you call them, but this is actually for my wife, so I don’t want to make her call.

    • Gmoney says:

      I also feel sorry for those working in the back office on a bank holiday. I used to work for a bank and bank holidays were the best part of working there. I don’t have that privilege anymore.

  89. Vince says:

    DP: Applied 2/2, Received email that account has been opened 2/20. Welcome packet on the way 7-10 days. California.

    Are there more data points on using Wells Fargo to satisfy the $500 direct deposit requirement?

  90. David Ann Arbor says:

    After making sure that my Citi Double Cash Bonus, has a $0 Cash advance limit, I used that card to fund both a Simply Right Checking with this promotion for $500 along with the Savings account for another $500. That’s a $20 bonus just using this credit card.

    I successfully submitted the application tonight, and it’s pending review.

  91. Daniel says:

    haven’t really done bank bonuses before… Any issues with opening an account in my name then followed by opening an account in my wife’s name?

  92. M says:

    DP: Initial $500 deposit with Citi AA Plat personal coded as purchase.

  93. Nick says:

    I received my paperwork today after applying and being approved on 1/31 PST. I did not receive documentation about the bonus, but some others on Reddit have received addendums mentioning the $225 bonus. I would appreciate any other DPs to see if my situation is unique.

    • Nick says:

      A phone rep confirmed that the bonus was linked to my account. I am not sure if all of the early applicants won’t get the disclosure or if I was just unlucky. However, it should be all good!

      • Matt says:

        Thanks Nick, i didnt get the bonus letter either, hope mine is ok. Please let us know when you get your bonus.

  94. NBG says:

    What is the need for opening a savings account?. Is it just for CC points/rewards when funding thru it?.

  95. Mike says:

    No go for my SO.
    Notice of Adverse Action Based on Information Contained in Consumer Report
    Date of Action Taken: 2017-02-21

  96. John says:

    Arrival+ coded as purchase! $500 checking and $500 savings.

  97. David Do says:

    received everything last week but was on vacation. got letter in the mail stating “how to earn your $225 account opening bonus with your new checking account” but i will double check tomorrow.

    • Nick says:

      Was this included with your welcome packet or did it come separately? I did not receive this, but support isn’t helping very much.

  98. Sherman says:

    Data Point: $500 credit card deposit posted as Purchase using Citibank Costco Visa

  99. Paul says:

    Applied 2/5, email received today that account finally opened.

  100. Vivian says:

    My husband and I currently have a joint premier checking account in Santander. He is not the primary account holder. Is he still considered as a new customer and qualified for this opening bonus?

  101. Mike says:


    You do not qualify for the product you requested. We sent an email to [email edited] with more details.

    Email: We were unable to verify your identity or other personal information at the this time. Please visit a branch.

  102. Laura says:

    BOA Alaska card codes as purchase. I opened a checking for $500 and a savings for another $500 with this card

  103. David Ann Arbor says:

    Hey everyone get a free LexisNexis report on yourself so that you answer you identity questions correctly and then you won’t be getting these “Adverse Action” responses.

  104. Dan says:

    Tried 3 times – declined because identity questions would not populate…

  105. Luke says:

    You will get a packet in the mail that confirms if you signed up for the $225 bonus.

  106. cf says:

    I applied on February 6. I checked my application status, and I’m approved, but I’ve still received no new information. Must be swamped.

    • Marty says:

      How do you check your status?

    • cf says:

      Update: Even though I called in and was told I was approved, I received an email saying that I was rejected because they could not verify my identity. I think this is because one of the verification questions asked me which new card I opened in a given month, and there were two correct answers. Should I apply again?

  107. Josh says:

    I applied on the 3rd. Just got a email today that my account has been opened.

  108. NN says:

    Applied on 2/4. Funded $500 via CC which originally showed as pending. Eventually it fell off completely. Received email yesterday that account was opened and packet on the way, but the $500 charge hasn’t reappeared. Anyone have any experience with whether or not that original $500 charge will go through at this point, or whether I am just out of luck in terms of CC funding?

  109. JCF says:

    Denied! WTH?! I tried last year and same thing. Info on credit reports is excellent. Just opened 2 banks account last week online Wells Fargo & TD Bank. Got excellent credit ~800


    Here’s the email:

    Notice of Adverse Action Based on Information Contained in Consumer Report
    Date of Action Taken: 2017-02-24

    We regret we cannot open your account and/or add your name as an owner/signer to an account with Santander Bank, N.A.

    We were unable to verify your identity or other personal information at this time. Please visit a Branch to complete your application.

    • JCF says:

      CSR are unable to provide any further info. Supposedly, will receive letter by mail. Or just to go personally to a branch 🙁

    • Long says:

      Same thing happened to me. What a strange bank!

      Just applied Wells Fargo and TD Bank checking without any problem as well.

  110. DT says:

    Applied on 2/08 and was auto-approved. They just finished opening the account today (2/24).

  111. Steve says:

    I applied today. I finished my first Wells Fargo this week, pulled the 250. Today I applied to this but only funded 25 on each account. I figured I would direct deposit from my corporate account at a CU. Or from the Hudson bank I am opening this week for the 400 bonus. I have never done a direct deposit so not really sure how I need to do that.


    • Steve says:

      Just received my package and 2 cards in the mail. I am working on doing the ACH now on hold with my credit union to find out how to do ACH without signing up, I might have to use the Wells fargo personal account to do a 1 time ACH? I also realized that they are out of state only. Can you close the account via phone?

  112. Jake says:

    When does the CC charge post? Does the initial charge on your application date fall off, only to be replaced by a new charge when the account is opened?

    Asking because I need the charge to post on or before this Tuesday to meet a minimum spending requirement

    Applied a few days ago. Credit card charge now pending. Just logged in to Santander’s website, which says I was approved, but the account has not yet opened.

    • helixcon says:

      That’s what happened to me. Initial charge was pending when I applied, but dropped off several days later. It was replaced with a new charge when my accounts were actually opened, which was approximately two weeks after applying.

      I would not count on the charges posting before Tuesday to meet a minimum spend.

    • NN says:

      Applied on 2/4 and the $500 charge was pending for a few days before falling off. They apparently put the charge through again on the date that I got the email saying the account was opened (2/22), although it took a few days to show up in my online activity for whatever reason. I just saw it for the first time today.

      DP: Chase Sapphire Preferred coded as purchase/sale: Online, Mail, or Telephone transaction

      Also, does anyone know if there is a way to get the routing/account numbers before I receive the packet in the mail? I want to get the DD set up…

      • Marty says:

        How many days from getting the account opened email and the purchases posted to your chase account? I got the two emails today saying that the savings and checking accounts were opened, my original pending charge of $1000 was credited back today, and replaced by a single $500 charge.

        Ideally these charges post before the 4th, and my SW plus card statement closes, so I can clear these charges for the companion pass…statement doesn’t close until the 7th, but I don’t want to take any chances on waiting another month for the points to clear, so if it’s gonna be longer, I’ll do some other MS option.

  113. helixcon says:

    DP: Fidelity 2% Visa codes as purchase. Funded $500 each to checking and savings.

  114. Matt says:

    DP: Freedom Unlimited posted as a sale.

  115. Samwise says:

    Excuse my ignorance, but for using Serve should I do a bank transfer or try to mail a check?

  116. Adrian says:

    Just wanted to add a DP to the approvals.

    Applied Friday 2/24 and was partially approved pending review. I uploaded pic of DL and utility bill. Received email today stating I was denied and reasons would be sent in a letter to mailing address.

    I used to live in CA and moved to NV in December. I put my NV address as home, and old address as mailing. Called CS and they said something as simple as different address can flag and deny application.

    Re-applied a few minutes ago using my CA address for both home/mailing and it was instantly approved.

    Just a heads up for anyone having similar issues.

  117. alex says:

    anyone know if it’s possible to combine the $50 refer a friend bonus with this?

  118. Richard says:

    How can I find out what my account number is? I finally got the approval 2 weeks later, but I can’t find my account number anywhere. I’m trying to register online and want to get my direct deposit setup. Do I really have to wait 7-10 days to get the welcome packet in the mail to get this info?

    • MontyFC says:


      You can register using your debit card (once activated). Once inside, there is a link to show account number at the bottom.

  119. kalf8483 says:

    For the referral bonus, where it says “Complete five (5) debit card transactions (PIN or Signature)”, would amazon giftcard reload count as a pin or signature transaction?

  120. J.M. says:

    Completed application and got the pending review/we are processing your application messages.

    • J.M. says:

      Actually, when I check the application again it says “approved,” and the they’ll let me know when it is opened. Is this typical for those of you for whom it has taken 2-4 weeks for the account to actually open up for you? Thanks!

      • Helixcon says:

        Yes. It said approved immediately after applying, and remained that way for a couple of weeks until I got an email that it had been opened.

        • jon says:

          Sorry to bug, but is it necessary to upload supporting documentation? I interpreted it to mean that you can upload the docs to expedite the application, but they weren’t mandatory.

          • P says:

            My situation was the same as Helixcon. Account just opened today after a couple weeks of having the Approved status. I did not upload any documents.

          • Helixcon says:

            I I didn’t upload anything.

  121. Ryan says:

    Just did a $10 transfer from Wells Fargo to Santander. The description says “WELLS FARGO DDA TO DDA”.. and a bunch of numbers after. Does anyone know if this counts as ACH or direct deposit?

    • R says:

      theoretically code should be PPD for payroll pension…
      but practically it’s all depends on bank, on santa n der.
      and yes DDA is some sort of direct deposit

  122. DW says:

    Tried funding $500 with Chase Sapphire card. Will this count towards the DD requirement? Does there need to be more than 1 DD? Thank you

  123. Nick says:

    I don’t think this caution is accurate:

    “*based on the footnote “per service fee period”, you should interpret this to refer to a transaction posting during each statement cycle (as you would expect) — if your statement cycle does not match up with the calendar month.”

    They list the service fee period in the account online. It is separate from the statement cycle. For me, the service fee period lines up with the calendar month. That has been true for February and March:

    “Service Fee Period:
    03/01/2017 – 03/31/2017”

    Everyone should definitely check their service fee period. Assuming the service fee period lines up with the calendar month for everyone, you could be charged a fee if you do your transactions shortly before and after a mid-month statement.

  124. RB says:

    Any one used their Citi AA card with a cash advance of $750 or more and was still able to successfully fund a Santander Checking/Savings account for $500 each coding as a purchase? Any comments would really be appreciated. Citi seems to be refusing to lower the cash advance limit on this card to anything below $750.

  125. Ma0zed0ng says:

    Approved on Feb 17th and the account was opened on March 1st.

    Gunna throw money at it with my wellsfargo account and hope for the best

  126. Ryan says:

    I received an email about 2 days ago stating that my account has opened and providing me a link to sign in. When I sign in, it just takes me to my application page and states that my account has opened. However, when I try to sign in to online banking, it does not recognize my user ID and password. For those who have already been able to access your account, did you just have to wait for your welcome packet to arrive in the mail (it says 7 to 10 days), and get instructions from there to access online banking? I’m not even sure at this point what my routing and account numbers are in order to set up direct deposit.

    • MarcoPolo says:

      Those are your application username and password.
      For the account you have to wait for the welcome packet to arrive in mail and then sign up for online access.
      You can only do DD once you have your account # as routing # for a specific bank is not hard to find.

  127. Mimi says:

    DH registered on 2/7 and it took them three weeks to open account. Found out account was opened on 2/28 when Citi posted a new $500 ($1000 fell off pending status around 2/20 which is standard procedure; thought account would not be opened). On 3/2, two $500’s, one for savings, another for checking posted on Citi account. Emails received that welcome packet is on the way. This is proof that account is now open since initial deposits have been acknowledged via Citi posted amounts.Hopefully, welcome packet comes today or tomorrow with the full account numbers to create online account.

  128. Victor says:

    Has anyone tried to use Vanguard to trigger Direct Deposit requirements?

    • bmanamex says:

      I tried both Vanguard and Serve, one month apart. If it posts by early April Vanguard triggered it. I’ll try to write back.

  129. Roberto says:

    Watch out, got hit with a $3 paper statement fee at the end of Feb. This is with the Simply Right Checking, which monthly fee is waived with any transaction.

    Didn’t see mention of this anywhere in the post above. Probably worth mentioning in the “Avoiding Fees” section?

    I changed to Paperless to avoid for future, and am calling to see if they will waive. No SM capability Santander? C’mon!

    • MarcoPolo says:


      IIRC it is mentioned while applying for this account although it is easy to miss if you are in a hurry. I somehow managed to read it and unchecked the box.

    • MarcoPolo says:

      @Roberto @DoC
      I think DoC should include in the OP that on the funding page the option to uncheck the $3 paper statement fee is grayed out and you have to remember to change it to Paperless option after getting online access to avoid $3 paper statement fee.
      It is easy to forget since there is a long gap between you applying and receiving the “packet” in the mail after the application is approved. So just put it in your Google calendar like I did.
      Hope this helps someone.
      @William Charles

      • Harry says:

        For those who opened checking and savings, there is no way to turn off paper for Savings and it is greyed out with paper selected even though checking is set to paperless. I called in after finding no way to turn it off and they said there is no separate way to turn off for Savings and it follows the checking. Hopefully the fee will not be charged, just have to wait and see.

  130. MarcoPolo says:

    Also, it is possible to earn an extra $50 for people who are opening both checking and savings (for MSing) but savings account has to opened separately. So not sure if extra $50 are worth another CHEX systems inquiry.

  131. Christopher says:

    Got declined last night: “We were unable to verify your identity or other personal information at this time. Please visit a Branch to complete your application.”
    Had no problem with Wells Fargo last month.
    Also got declined for the First Tennessee $200 Checking Promotion.
    Looks like First Tennessee uses the same e-application system as Santander uses. Even though after uploading ID photos, received an email today saying “unable to verify your identity or other personal information through Equifax eIDVerifier”. 🙁

    • Mike says:

      I got that, re-applied and was accepted. about 2 weeks ago and today received email confirmation of account opening. I concluded I must have answered one of the account question incorrectly. Try again, be careful what you select lol

      • Christopher says:

        Thank you. I actually applied 3 times in a night, all declined lol
        Mine had no account questions listed for ID verification and was given the error directly without being able to answer any of the questions.
        I Must have some issue with the Equifax eIDVerifier. Equifax is the only one that refuses to provide me with free annual report. They asked me to mail in copies of my ID before I can get the credit report.

  132. Marty says:

    DP: Citi AA Platinum Business codes as a purchase. Cash advance previously set to $0

  133. Mser says:

    Barclays Aviator Red AA MC posted as purchase. Didn’t have cash advance set to $0.

  134. Deepak says:

    This maybe a Data Point

    I was declined online instantly yesterday. I am a resident alien so chose that option when applying. Going over the comments here I noticed that at least one other person that did the same was denied. And the more I thought of it, I realized that the only other bank that had previously turned me down for a checking/savings was HSBC where again I was asked about nationality and chose resident alien again. I think that all these international small-presence banks turn down applications online if it comes from a non-citizen. Would also make sense why they ask you to visit a branch after they turn you down.

    • YZ says:

      same here, also a RA.

      tried with my driver license, passport and VPN to NY, decline all of them…I give up

      BTW, HSBC also turned me down then

      • Deepak says:

        hmm…seems like a pattern then doesn’t it. I even remember one bonus promo where i was instantly told , while filling out the application, that the bonus will not apply to me since I’m not a CITIZEN (not even a resident alien mind you)

        Can someone comment on whether there will be any consequences in signing up as a citizen?. I presume that, although it sounds criminal, in reality it could be no different from signing up for a business account/card when you don’t really have a business/business license.

        • YZ says:

          Personally I won’t do that way…

          • Deepak says:

            not worth it i know…whivh is why i’ve always stayed away…i am gonna stay away from these non-american international bank bonuses. avoid a chex systems pull

        • MontyFC says:

          @Deepak, @YZ,

          My wife and I were approved for the accounts even though we are RA and mentioned the same on the application document.

  135. Here is my referral link. I typically use sign up links from someone here, however I already have a Santander Account. Thank you for your consideration. I enjoy checking this site daily!

    Small redirect link provided by Santander:

    Full Link:

  136. Joe says:


    I applied March 2nd (last week). A $500 charge from Santander appeared on my CFU as pending by the weekend, then just dropped off over the weekend.

    I hope this isn’t a bad sign.

  137. Ma0Zed0ng says:

    I can confirm Citi Double Cash codes as a purchase. (CA set to $0)

    Ref link if anyone wants another $50:

  138. RB says:

    My spouse only has an ITIN number (no SSN). Can she still apply for this account?

  139. NBG says:

    Another DP (Resident Alien): Applied on 2/21.Approved on 3/6. $500 funded from BoA American Bar Association Rewards CC. Posted as purchase today.

  140. Patton says:

    Use BOA push count as Name+P2P, use wells fargo and chase appeared as Name+WF SurePay and JPMorgan Chase QuickPay. Can anyone tell me if these are counted as DD? Thanks

  141. P says:

    Just wondering how long after the direct deposit is completed does the bonus post?
    As above, $500 in direct deposit must be completed within 90 days and account must be open at least 90 days. I was thinking of doing a ACH push from either Wells Fargo or C 360.

  142. taddy says:

    Evidently transferring $500 from huntington to santander codes as P2P.
    Glad I set my tax refund to go into this for the bonus.

  143. Jon says:

    For those that got rejected and out of state like myself from California, I got approved. I volunteer and upload my driver license and my credit statement. They approved my application in three days and now in the process of withdrawing money of $30 for the initial opening deposit. I am looking forward for them to officially open the account. So for those who are out of state with no local branch as backup when rejected, I totally encourage you all to just volunteer and upload the information.

  144. Dan says:

    $500 funded with Chase IHG card. Coded as purchase

  145. justdoit says:

    Do debit card purchases count to avoid the monthly fee?

    Do online purchases work for this step for the $50 referral bonus (I’ve never used a PIN or signature for those)?:

    “Complete five (5) debit card transactions (PIN or Signature) that posts to your account”

    My referral link for the $50 bonus:

  146. Pat says:

    What’s the latest processing time for this account these days? I signed up today (3/12/17) and was just wondering how long I should wait on the pending status before calling in.

  147. cf says:

    I tried opening a checking and savings account a second time, after my first account got rejected because of identity verification. I got the same message of “We will email you when we’ve processed your application. If you have any questions before then, just give us a call at 1-877-860-9753.” but my Citi AA card got a $1000 pending charge on it, which didn’t happen last time. Seems hopeful.

  148. Mark O says:

    DP – Merrill+ card posted as a purchase and the $1000 pushed me over for the sign up bonus.

  149. David says:

    does amex code as a purchase i dont see many dp’s

  150. David says:

    also has anybody tried funding with a cc for more than $500

    • borntobehermit says:

      I think that the limit is $500 for each account (checking + savings), so that’s why many people including me funded the accounts with $1000 via CC

  151. G says:

    Applied 3/13 for myself and SO, both denied 3/14 with “We were unable to verify your identity or other personal information at this time.” Uploaded ID and utility statements for both accounts.

    Read some comments here about retrying, so tried another app. The verification questions did not apply to me at all, so selected “None of the above” for every question and failed verification again. App is pending, but doesn’t look good. Frustrating, may call in if I get another denial, but looks like CS can’t do much.

  152. David says:

    No has tried more than 500 with cc?

  153. Mallory says:

    Does anyone know if Capital One is still working as a direct deposit?

  154. dizzy says:

    I got denied for this online for the $150, they never sent me a reason why. I would like to apply but unsure if it will deny again. I was instant approved for WF in January and another MTB early March. Would like to hop on this before it expires again. Thoughts?

  155. Deb says:

    DP-Funding finally went through and posted as a purchase on a Citi World Elite Plat with cash line NOT set to zero.

  156. Logan says:

    Santander bank did NOT give me a pre-paid postage envelope although they said I must return the signature card within 15 days or they will close the account.

    Can somebody with this envelope or the address please let me know what the address for this is?

    Can’t find it anywhere on their website

  157. borntobehermit says:

    To avoid Monthly Fees: “Simply make one transaction – a deposit, withdrawal, transfer, or payment – posted during the calendar month† to waive the Monthly Fee of $10.”

    Since I opened a savings account as well, wouldn’t it be simpler to do a $1 monthly transfer between the two account? It should work, right?

  158. Paul says:

    When you go to the direct link to the offer it states: Offer is only available to residents of: NH, MA, RI, CT, DE, NY, NJ, or PA. I thought this was Nationwide? Is this new?

    • I don’t see that at all? Can you post a screenshot?

    • Curtis says:

      I signed up before the “NH, MA, RI, CT, DE, NY, NJ, or PA” language appeared on the website, however the paperwork mailed to me after the account was opened has the state specific limitation wording on it. Not a good sign. I guess I will have to call and confirm if I will still be able to receive the bonus.

      • Curtis says:

        Called and they said that I will NOT qualify for the $225 bonus since in TX even though it didn’t have those terms when I applied online. I’m filing a complaint with them – that’s a bait & switch. Will report back how that goes. Anyone else have any data points on this?

        • Jenn says:

          I’m in Georgia and applied a couple days before they changed the states (Mar 18). I called and they said I would still be about to get the bonus. I completed the requirements 4/15 and am now waiting for the bonus to post.

  159. P says:

    How do you know if an ACH transfer is acknowledged by Santander as a direct deposit? I did a ACH from Capital One and it went through but it doesn’t even say ACH, DD, or anything. There’s not detail on the Santander account except that it came from Capital One,

    • Gadget says:

      You won’t. There are two D/P’s on this site from 2016 that said it worked. All you can do is hope that is still the case. If you don’t like hoping, then you have to “go ballistic” and hit it again and again from somewhere else to increase the odds, or “go real” and use your payroll. There is no green light indicator… sometimes it says ACH, sometimes P2P, or just the bank name. And calling the bank to ask if it counts can actually make it worse, draws attention to you out of the thousands of bank accounts they deal with, and could kill the deal for yourself and others. And random thought, If you have a IRS refund coming back of $500+, that is another possible avenue.

  160. P says:

    One more question: Will I still have online access even if I close the account to download the 1099-INT next year or do they mail the 1099 form?

    • Gadget says:

      Both. They mailed me a 1099 last year. My login still works, but I have no clue if I can d/l the statement – don’t care to look. Closed in October 2016 I believe. The only reason I checked a couple weeks ago is because I wanted to try to jump on the Winter promo, but that door is closed with the new state restrictions.

  161. Jeff G says:

    Just got the email acceptance. Can’t seem to log on correctly, do I need to wait until I receive paperwork in the mail with more information?

    • Gadget says:

      Yes, you have to wait. They snail mail you a temp password, and your SSN will be the temp user name per another letter you will get. They are not quick! Expect two-three weeks from sign-up until you are actually fully functional. Maybe that is why they are restricting the states… to clear their backlog.

    • Mimi says:

      This bank sends a lot of paperwork but if you receive your DC and another mail that has PIN assigned ahead of the one with your userID and PW, just go online and press forgot password. It’ll ask you the last 4 digits of your DC plus the PIN and from there you’ll be able to create your userID and PW and gain access to your online account.

  162. NBG says:

    I applied in branch with the emailed offer+referral. Is there anyway to confirm if the offer got attached to my account?. I called CS and they said they can’t see those things. I can always call up the branch and double confirm.

    • Mike says:

      There is no point at calling. Most likely everything is fine and you’ll get the bonus, especially if you signed up in branch. If you don’t get the bonus you’ll have to follow up later anyway. Remember most CSR’s are clueless and make things up as they go so it won’t mean anything regardless of what they are telling you.

      As for the referral bonus, make sure you used the same email address that you used when opening the account. Have some patience and you’ll get the bonus. If you call they might manual remove you form the referral bonus, because you admitted that you signed up with another offer code.

      • NBG says:

        Thanks for the info. When I applied in branch they specifically told to do referral(it was screaming all over the window) and the 225 promo. And yes, i used the same email id.

  163. Mark O says:

    What is the easiest way to close an account with them? Do you have to call in?

  164. alex says:

    Opened feb 2017- bit of a hassle but accepted 500 opening deposit with alaska boa
    posted as purchase and no fees
    setup online banking required calling in – very slow, but helpful agent
    DD 500 can be multiple, doesnt have to be one transaction

  165. RVD says:

    Definitely one of the more painful bank bonuses I’ve attempted. Took over 3 weeks to get accepted and get access to the online banking account for my wife’s and going on 4 weeks and still don’t have the letter needed to access my account.

    Also, make sure you get the debit card. I made the mistake of waiving it (thinking I could just use direct deposit to meet the minimum reqs) and now the account is nearly impossible to use. You can’t transfer money out without a debit card number and somehow I got my password locked and you can’t reset your password unless you have a debit card number too. I guess I’ll be emailing support and probably waiting 3 more weeks to get a debit card.

    The only positive is that I was able to successfully get over $2000 in credit card spend by opening mine and my wife’s accounts. Hopefully I can just use paypal to get the money (and the future direct deposits) back out again.

  166. David Ann Arbor says:

    Opened account 3/3/17, I’m located in Michigan. Received sheet in mail regarding what is required for $225 bonus.

    Also on 3/3 – Citi Double Cash credit card posted $500 as purchase for opening checking account, and another $500 purchase for opening savings account

    3/17/17 Transferred $500 from Fidelity Investments account. Hopefully will count as direct deposit. Here is how it posts on Santander website: FID BKG SVC LLC MONEYLINE 170317 X6956722012D8TU

  167. Tom says:

    I thought I had ‘opened’ my account on 2/27 when I applied and was approved, but when I contacted CS today, the Rep quoted 3/09 as the opening date of the account. Indeed, that is the date of the congratulatory email I got from Santander indicating my account had been opened. That’s a full 10 days after the date I applied. I was going try to get the wife an account before the promo ends, however, with the 10 day lag from app to “open” that I experienced in mind, we’re getting very close to the wire now. Anyone have thoughts on what counts as the “opening date” for the purpose of earning the bonus?

    • sirtheta says:

      For the purposes of being registered for the bonus, your application date is what should count. For the purposes of earning the bonus, the account open date is what should count.

      • Steven says:

        Your comment does not make sense. Why would a bank enroll you for a checking account bonus that you are not eligible to earn? My application date was 3/31/17 with promo code WIN225 and my account open date ended up being 4/5/17. They sent a letter on how to earn the $225 account bonus. This is a hard Equifax pull and I am not going to even get any bonus.

  168. Tortoiseshell says:

    I applied online on 3/3. I got a packet in the mail dated 3/10, with an account number and an addendum about earning the bonus, and sent back the signature card. Then I got another packet in the mail, identical but with a different account number, dated 3/13. I also got two debit cards in the mail, though so far only 1 PIN. I also got one letter about how I need to wait another few days to get my login credentials.

    I think this means they opened two checking accounts for me. But they seem like they should both be eligible for the bonus. I’m thinking to to just go with it. I won’t do any depositing until I get online access to one/each/both accounts.

    How odd! Did anyone else get two accounts?

    • I don’t think they created two accounts, Santander just sends out a bunch of paperwork and some of it’s identical but it is weird you have a different account number listed.

      • Tortoiseshell says:

        2 account numbers, 2 signature cards to mail back, 2 debit cards (with different numbers).


        • IOException says:

          Is one a savings account?

          Don’t know why the savings account would have a card, though.

          • Tortoiseshell says:

            I just logged in and it shows 2 Simply Right Checking Accounts.

            I guess I’m cautiously optimistic I could get the bonus for both. Um, what’s the worse that could happen?

            (The initial credit card funding I did ($500) all went into one of them and the other is showing a $0 balance).

    • P says:

      I hope a banker did not open another account on you purchase behalf

  169. Eileen says:

    Just a heads up that I live in NC and tried to open the account on 3/16 (just in case – you never know). Just got email confirmation yesterday that the account was successfully opened.

    • John says:

      I live in nc as well and just got my packet in the mail. It seems they added the exclusive states language to the bonus since I applied and it was in the packet as well. Doubt I’m getting this one.

      • Eileen says:

        Oh, I misunderstood. I thought account openings were restricted to those states so that as long as the account was successfully opened then the bonus was sure to follow. Thanks for clarifying. I guess I won’t get the bonus either. 🙁

        • John says:

          I went ahead and did the direct deposit anyway to see if I got the bonus and it ended up posting today! Wohoo!

  170. shashi says:

    I opened the account and funded $500 each in both checking and savings account using Merill card. But the card was closed by BOFA while in process. Now the santander accounts are approved and I am waiting for signature cards. Any idea if I can fund the 500 each again using a different card.

  171. Matt says:

    Got my account but the big packet didnt have anything about my bonus. I am pretty sure i put in the winter225 code. Anyone else experience this and how did it work out?

  172. NBG says:

    Did a ACH push from Wells Fargo for $500 and it came thru DDA to DDA. Hopefully that triggers the bonus.

    • Jenny says:

      Did you use a Wells Fargo CC or a checking/banking account?
      I am trying to find a DD way not involving payroll.

  173. Ben says:

    Opened 2/23
    ACH DDA deposit 3/10
    no bonus yet.

    • sirtheta says:

      You won’t get a bonus until at least 90 days have passed, because the account has to be open for 90 days before they award the bonus.

    • MoreSun says:

      Yeah, Santander was strict with the 90 day thing for me, they’re not like Wells or Capital One where bonuses came extra fast.

  174. PD says:

    Applied 3/9 without the state-specific language, opened 3/16, got the welcome packet today and the bonus page includes the state-specific language. Guess we’ll have to call and clarify. Unfortunately I didn’t take a screenshot of the bonus page back on 3/9.

    • Theory says:

      Same thing for me – applied 3/11 without state-specific language, opened 3/17, got the welcome packet today with state-specific language. I’m not planning on calling to clarify, just hoping that the bonus goes through for me. I imagine they just switched over the printouts they send, but it’s very possible their automated system doesn’t keep up with that.

      Also, the screenshot of the pre-bonus offer is still linked at the top of this page, though it’s generic.

      Also, $500 on the Chase Sapphire Preferred posted as a purchase.

      • Theory says:


        – Applied 11 March (without state-specific language, WINTER225 code)
        – Approved 17 March (welcome packet included state-specific language, not inculding my state)
        – $500 employer direct deposit posted 1 April
        – Did a BillPay to myself in April, May, and June to avoid the monthly fee
        – Received $225 bonus today, 16 June

        I’m currently Billpaying the entire remaining balance to myself, and will attempt to close via SM in about a week when the account hits a zero balance.

  175. DP says:

    DP – charge of $340 for opening account via Citi Prestige MasterCard went through as a purchase.

  176. Bill says:

    Maybe a silly question, but if my initial $500 cc charge goes through (it’s still pending for two days now), am I good to go, or do I need to make an additional $500 DD?

  177. Nicky says:

    I did a WF transfer to my Santander account, it coded as DDA to DDA, did everyone’s transfer code this way? Trying to see if I should do another push from Cap One. Good idea or no?

    • P says:

      I should try a Wells Fargo transfer and see how that goes.

      My capital one is like this
      CAPITAL ONE N.A. CAPITALONE [a bunch of numbers followed]

      There is absolutely no details if it’s an ACH, check deposit or anything. Even my CU shows more details

    • Chris says:

      My WF transfer posted the same way. Let me know if you end up doing a Cap One transfer and if it codes differently.

    • Jeff G says:

      Mine posted the same way. Hoping someone else chimes in with success.

      Thinking of doing it through Capital One anyway to cover my bases.

  178. Joseph says:

    I just wanted to put up a BIG RED FLAG for anyone who may have signed up for this right before they changed it restricting it to the 8-9 northeast states. I applied on March 14 BEFORE they changed the verbage- Im in Louisiana no branches here. When i got my welcome package today the $225 bonus sheet enclosed said “offer is only good in NH,MA,RI,CT,DE,NY,NJ or PA.” If youre in one of those states, youre fine. Im not. So i called customer service and the rep was very polite and helpful- I told him I signed up for the bonus and there were no restrictions of certain states only- and he said after researching I would have to go into a branch to make sure I qualify for the promotion- he was not able to confirm I am eligible. I told him I have no branches in my state and he said the call center doesnt have access to that info. The rep was top notch- he spent several minutes trying to resolve the issue- he gave me a call reference number and someone is supposed to call me back during the week. I know normally it isnt a good idea to call banks on these, but I dont wanna jump through all these hoops like direct deposit if not eligible so i wanna know first. Just a heads up to anyone who may have applied in the first half of March.I will post an update when i hear an answer from them.

    • TCK says:

      I am in the same situation..I do have the original screenshot without the specific states listed. Please let us know what they tell you, thanks!

      • PD says:

        Dang, yes, keep us posted. I’ve been wondering if we should call but will stay put until we hear how your situation turned out.

      • Theory says:

        Is the screenshot you have a separate screenshot from the generic one at the top of this page? Something specific during the application process that I missed?

        Anyway, I’m also in the same situation as you and Joseph, so I’m interested in the response he gets. I’m going to keep the account either way for the $500 deposit via CC and hope for the best. Sometimes the reps give incorrect information to these kinds of questions, so maybe I’ll get lucky.

    • Jon says:

      Hello, I signed up on 03/05/17 and the package in the mail with letter head dated 03/13/17 from Santander has the $225 bonus “Addendum to your personal deposit account agreement” has no written language abut state restrictions. I believed for those people who signed up later, they revised the form and added the offer is good for those states.

      Jon from Los Angeles

    • TCK says:

      Joseph – did you ever hear back?

    • Steven says:

      I am in same situation. No one here will probably know if they will pay out the bonus until about 90 days from now. The bank representatives over the phone are not the same bank employees handling the promotion offers. Often customer representatives over the phone have no idea how the employees in the accounts payable department handle these tasks. It will all depend on how the banking software system and accounts payable personnel sort through the newly opened checking accounts. If their bank software is automatically set to only process offers from these states – NH,MA,RI,CT,DE,NY,NJ or PA, then neither you nor I will probably get the bonus. Most banks have these offers on an automated system. It all depends on how that system is set.

  179. MarcoPolo says:

    Are we supposed to get a “bonus sheet” mentioning the bonus under I signed up?
    I did not receive any such bonus sheet with my welcome package and neither did my DW.

  180. Joseph says:

    MarcoPolo it is a sheet titled “Addendum to your Personal Deposit Account Agreement” and under that title it says “How to earn your $225 Account Opening bonus wirh your New Santander credit account. This was included with the welcome packet i received today 3/25/17. Then it says important terms to the offerL Bonus amt $225 Availiability: New checking account must be opened between 1/17/17 and 3/31/17. Offer is only available to residents of NH,MA,RI,CT,DE,NY,NJ or PA.
    There was no such verbage on the offer screen when i signed up on March 14 2017 so it must have been added after. I will post an update if they call me back with verification.

  181. MarcoPolo says:

    Thanks @Joseph

    There no such sheet included with my welcome packet. I singed up under older promotion of $150 bonus.
    However, my wife signed up under this promotion and her welcome packet does contain that sheet with addendum.
    How long does it take for Santander bonus to post from the date of DD?
    It’s already been 2 months and I have not received any bonus. According to T&C of the promo it says your account must be open for 90 days. So I am assuming it should post after 90 days of account opening once you have satisfied the DD requirements?

  182. MarcoPolo says:

    Note to self.
    READ the OP before posting a question.
    I clearly says bonus should post 90 days after account opening + 30 days (maybe)

  183. JP says:

    I wish Cap one 360 allowed more than three external accounts.

    • MarcoPolo says:

      That’s why I have Ally account.
      Ally allows you to link TWENTY external accounts.
      Not only that but it also does “instant verification” for most banks so that you don’t have to wait for the “trial deposits” to post.
      It also has dedicated “Activity” page where you can see all the transfers etc.
      There are many many other advantages in having an Ally account.
      I hardly ever use my Capital One 360 account which pales in comparison to Ally.

  184. bill says:

    Simple question – I got approved and now I either want to make a cc deposit via my Chase Freedom or ACH trasnfer from my won bank account, but I don’t see how/where to do this online. Any help please?
    Am I to do it FROMthe Santander site on start at my cc/bank site?

    • Richard says:

      You would have had to give Santander your CC during the application process. That’s what I did to use my CC for the opening deposit. If your account is already open now, then it’s too late.

      • Bill says:

        I did do this initially, but now I am trying to satisfy the next two items:
        “Do a $500 direct deposit to meet the direct deposit requirement and waive the first monthly fee.”

        “Do an automatic bill pay (to wherever) of at least $1, monthly, to keep the account fee-free.”

        • Richard says:

          So either go to your other bank account and push the money to Santander or do a billpay within Santander to keep the account free.

          If you opened the account with a credit card deposit, then you already have money in your account to send your first billpay.

          • Bill says:

            Yes, I can do the bill pay since I do have money there, however, I was told that I still need to make a $500 ach deposit to get the bonus. Sorry, just making sure I don’t lose out on this after expending the effort! Thanks for the help!

          • Charles says:

            You have to log into another bank account and link your santander to it. Then Transfer $500 from that account to your Santander Account. Santander may or may not see that Transfer as a Direct Deposit. See other people’s data points for banks that have been working.

  185. Demitri says:

    I have a question. I opened an account and finally was able to proceed external transfer from my Fidelity account.A transaction posted like that FID BKG SVC LLC MONEYLINE 170328 X7787927412ISSE

    How do I know that it counted toward DD and not AHC. Is there specific verbiage would be applied ?

    Bonus would be applied after 90 days after opening. And I don’t know to wait to find out that it was counted toward ACH. Would it be appropriate to do deposit with Ally and Wells Fargo as well, just to make sure that 1 of 3 would count toward DD ?

    • MarcoPolo says:

      Just go through data points from other people who have success in receiving bonuses.
      Look through what counts as DD in the link above.
      I have done multiple ACH transfers from Alliant/Capital One based on the Data points.

      • Demitri says:


        Thanks Marco. I just was a little bit worried because there no recent DP with Fidelity. But will see.

  186. Mark O says:

    FYI I tried to close the account after 20 minutes on the phone they said I couldn’t close it unless there was a zero balance. There is still $25 in there. Most banks will just send you a check so something to be aware of.

  187. Sam says:

    I dont have any money currently in my PayPal..Do I have to transfer funds first from my bank account first to PayPal and only then transfer to PNC? or is there another way? thanks

  188. Chris says:

    Is it just me or are both of those links erroring out?

  189. Zalmy says:

    Yeah, they’re not working anymore. I’ve tried many ways to access, with no success

  190. Pat says:

    I opened up and did an ACH from Capital One 360 to hopefully get that direct deposit count. Question to others that ACH’d (from any bank). How did you WITHDRAW the money after? Did you do a pull from the origin bank? Check? Other transfer type?

  191. JP says:

    I’m still getting an error on this. Anyone else?

  192. Frito Pendejo says:

    Yup. Looks dead. Getting a 404 page

  193. Curmudgeon says:

    Per reddit, promo extended to 6/30/17 with promo code SPRING225

    Text on landing page: To qualify for this offer, you must enter this promotion code in the promo code field on the online application.

    I would read that to mean it’s not targeted.

    New link:

  194. Rekha says:

    Huntington voice MasterCard $500 spend $100 statement credit from April 3rd. May be in branch.

  195. NBG says:

    What a shame!..I opened the Santander 225 bonus account for me and my wife less than a month back. Today i get a mailer with a unique promo code for $350 bonus with any checking account. It specifically says also the offer is transferable until the code is redeemed. I called Santander and they told they offer cannot be applied to my less than 1 month old account. I can go to the branch and ask, but not getting my hopes up.

    I can obviously trade the code as a last resort to get some value :).

    • Kate says:

      What are you looking for in exchange for the code? I missed the $225 bonus but it’s nice to know there are other options!

      • NBG says:

        Not sure if trading is allowed here…How about $25 amazon GC?.

        • Kate says:

          Actually I may not qualify anyway because of this: “Direct deposits include deposits made by your employer or a federal or state government agency or retirement benefits administrator and generally payments made by corporations or other organizations. They do not include deposits to your account that are made by an individual using online banking or an Internet payment provider such as PayPal.” :/

  196. Steven says:

    Used Promo Code WINTER225 on March 31 at 6:20 PM PDT. Direct link above was giving a error 404 page. I used a link from the hustler money blog site, which took me to the Santander’s get225now apply page. I entered the Promo Code WINTER225 during the application process and it is listed on my checking account application in the Promo Code line. My question is – if I used the Promo Code on March 31 for the promotion that expires March 31, then will it still count for the promotion if my application is approved and my account opening date is after 3/31/2017? Promo states to open an eligible checking account by 3/31/2017.

    Every other time I have opened a checking account online, I was instantly approved and the account was opened within a few minutes after I submitted the application. However with Santander, my actual account opening date is going to be in April 2017 but my checking account application is dated 3/31/2017. Will I still get the $225 bonus if the account opening date is in April even though I submitted the application on 3/31/2017 and the system accepted WINTER225 in the promo code field?

  197. goodguys21 says:

    Transfer from M&T Bank to Santander Bank posted as “M&T BANK BANKTOBANK xxxxxx”. Does it mean its P2P ?

  198. dumbo says:

    Applied 3/6 with the WINTER225 code and was approved 3/14.
    Received welcome package with mailer stating the bonus terms and requirements
    Did an ACH push with WF which showed up as DDA to DDA and confirmed with rep that it would NOT meet DD requirements – I was told it was just a regular transfer.
    Time to go through normal DD..
    Thanks again to everyone at DoC – best site around for this type of stuff!

  199. Ben says:

    Is this bonus still active? I see alot of banner ads on different sites for this, however it seems that there are concerns in some comments that this has been discontinued.

  200. MarcoPolo says:

    Just a reminder to change the staement delivery to paperless to avoid $3 fee:

    As outlined in the Welcome Kit and Fee Schedule you received when you opened your account, starting on your third service fee period you will be charged $3 per statement for paper statements for your checking account.

    If you would like to elect a paperless statement option, it is simple, secure and easy to do:
    Sign into Santander Online Banking
    Select Customer Service on the top menu bar
    Click on “Turn off Paper Statements”
    Select the account(s) you want to switch to Paperless

  201. lisa says:

    tried fidelity visa signature and “There was an error verifying your payment information. Please check the information you have entered and try again.”

  202. SB says:

    I did an initial DD with my Chase Sapphire card, and Chase coded it as a purchase, earning points – if I open an account with Santander for my wife and use the Sapphire card again, is there any limit (up to my credit limit) to the amount I can deposit with Santander? Seems like an easy way to earn points.

  203. sara says:

    I signed up using someone’s referral link. I hope I’ll receive the $50 on top of the new account bonus. Any data points on that?

    Here’s mine:

  204. Adrian Arellano says:

    FYI, not that anyone should care but Santander closed my account despite sending in the signature card. Bill Pay is still active and I can log in but my checking account no longer shows up. They claim I never sent in the signature card even though I clearly have an email and written letter stating they received it.

    I was scheduled to receive signup bonus in the next 2 weeks. Rather convenient…

    /rant over

    • JuicyJosh says:

      This crap just happened to me today. I received an email saying my statement was ready but I try to log in and I get an error message. I have had multiple calls with Santander because the say I didnt send in my signature card even though i did it twice! On the calls the rep said she was sure to note my account and they wouldnt close it. BS. We are gonna have a nice chat tomorrow. Looks like I may get to open a can of CFPB.

    • JuicyJosh says:

      This flippin bank… First bonus in 20+ looks like I won’t receive. Called bank this morning. Reps are totally useless and somewhat rude. Mailed signature card twice, in self addressed paid envelope, and they claim to not receive either. Not email or fax alternative for signature card. Rep states she has to email fulfillment department to see if arrived. Supposedly account closed and funds mailed to my address. 72 hours and it’s CFPB. Unfortunately I didn’t a 360 ACH so no resolution will get bonus. Be damn sure I’m gonna get my $225 out of your employees by dealing with my complaints.

    • JuicyJosh says:

      And who pronounces their bank name “Saan ton dare”? I guess you have to be a frequent called to know. Piece of crap.

    • JuicyJosh says:

      Ok I’m done. Santander is dead to me.

    • JuicyJosh says:

      Filed a CFPB complaint. My request was for them to pay bonus or allow me to still earn it since they closed the account for their ineptitude.

      Account was closed ~ 50 days in. Santander offered to allow me to open a second account and still qualify for the $225 bonus if I meet the original criteria. (DD of $500 in 90 days) However, is it worth it…. Monetarily, i guess. Sticking it to them, yep. P.I.T.A. factor, not really. But looks like 2 out of 3 so I probably should.

  205. Hector says:

    $225 Bonus posted today, it looks like Santander really sticks to 90-day rule.

  206. kalf8483 says:

    anyone get the bonus who signed up before the specific states were added and lives outside those states? im wondering if they are applying those restrictions to everyone retroactively

  207. Luke says:

    Opened account on 2/1, wasn’t approved until 2/16. I’m one of those that signed up before they restricted it to only certain states. Bonus was paid out exactly on day 90. Used real DD for the bonus.

  208. James says:

    Got my bonus today, 91 days after opening like the rest. I’m in Florida.
    2/1 Applied
    2/17 Account opened
    5/19 Bonus

    I originally did a $500 push from Wells Fargo but I ended up doing payroll DD too because I got a little paranoid lol

    • James says:

      Just finished transferring everything out and closing my account over the phone. It was easy and only took like 5 minutes. No termination fees or anything.

  209. Beth says:

    I got my bonus today, account opened 2/17 and I’m in Nebraska.

  210. Jeff says:

    Bonus posted today. Right at 90 days from account opening. Met requirement with a $505 push from Capital One 360. Beautiful.

    • John says:

      Still no bonus for me. 5/16, real employer DD.

      • Jeff says:

        FWIW, my wife and I opened separate accounts on the same day, and we met the requirement the same way, but her bonus hasn’t posted yet. So there may be some variability.

    • Jeff says:

      I’ll also point out that we applied in NC just before this listing was changed to exclude NC as a state. But it still worked at least for mine.

    • John says:

      Can you tell me how the Capital One 360 push coded in transaction history? Thanks!

      • Jeff says:


        My wife’s just posted today as well. I also did a Capital One 360 push for that one, though hers took a few extra days to post the bonus for some reason. Push coded the same as above.

  211. George says:

    Bonus posted on 05/18 . Account opened on 2/1 . Met requirement with a $501.50 push from Capital One 360. I was paranoid and going to do AMEX serve also but forgot about it…

    glad to have 360 work as DD
    please add this DP for future reference


  212. kalf8483 says:

    anyone get a referral bonus from this?

  213. Machinator says:

    Opened: 2/17
    Serve Transfer: 3/8
    Bonus posted: 5/19

  214. Deb says:

    I opened my account on 3/1 but just this week did my dd. It shows in the account like this “ONLINE PMT ” so I’m not feeling too good about that, crap. Any DPs from people who sent dd later? I won’t have to wait 90 days after dd to have the account open for 90 days. Wondering if it will still take 90 days, if I get it at all.

  215. Jimmy says:

    Could anyone shed light on how to tell how things are coded as DD? My Capital push shows up as “CAPITAL ONE N.A. CAPITALONE 0000xxxxxxxxx(numbers)”. How could you tell if it is recognized as DD? Thank you.

    • P says:

      I can’t access my account right now for some reason, but if I remember correctly in my Santander statement containing the Capital one push deposit, it is described as direct deposit. In my capital one statement, it does say direct deposit

      • Jimmy says:

        Thank you! It literally says direct deposit? Then mine is probably a no go. Maybe I will try Wells Fargo too just to be safe.

  216. justdoit says:

    Opened 2/21

    Early March did ACH transfer from Wells Fargo (showed up as WELLS FARGO DDA TO DDA)

    5/23 got $225 bonus

    Thanks DOC, I wouldn’t have gotten this without the previous WF DP!

  217. hvaces42 says:

    “JPMorgan Chase Ext Trnsf” Will that work as DD

  218. Jimmy says:

    One more stupid question, how do you initiate DD from other banks? What I did was add Santander account as an external account in my Capital one account. Then from Capital one account I did a transfer from Capital one to Santander. Is that the right way to do it? Thank you. Sorry new to this.

  219. DT says:

    2/24 – Opened account.
    3/07 – ACH transfer from Wells Fargo.
    5/26 – Bonus posted!

    • Matt says:

      Thanks for the data point, I also did the ACH transfer from Wells Fargo and my 90 days are over May 31st.

  220. saborni says:

    anyone tried DD 2x $250 with wellsfargo and received bonus.. im on 92 days and still waiting, and maybe i realized i didn’t trigger the 500$ direct deposit. but i did split 2x 250$…
    i was wondering if its too late to do direct deposit requirements after waiting 90 days.

  221. NBG says:

    what date does the account open date mean?. the date the initial deposit posted or the date you got the email of account opened?.

  222. P says:

    90tj day today. Still no bonus. Hopefully tomorrow.

  223. Matt says:

    Data point:
    91 days after the deposit went through (03/03/2017), I received the bonus.

    Wells Fargo ACH was used

  224. TG says:

    Account opened (not applied for) 3/2. Bonus posted 6/1.

  225. Richard Berg says:

    2/10 – applied
    2/27 – app finally processed / account opened
    3/31 – ACH from Alliant CU posted
    5/31 – bonus posted

  226. Yoshi says:

    2/10 – applied
    2/27 – opened
    3/09 – ACH from WF
    5/31 – bonus

  227. NBG says:

    Got the referral bonus sent to processing on 5/24. The referred person opened account on 3/16.
    Hoping he gets the $225 as well. My 225 is due on Jun 6th. Will report back.

  228. Ryan says:

    Data Point:

    3/02 – initial deposit posted
    3/27 – IRS Refund posted
    6/01 – Bonus payment

  229. dan says:

    To post a recent DP, just applied and the spring 225 code was accepted though was not shown in other info under acct status confirmation screen. Does anyone know if the spring 225 code still work or not? Additionally, anyone was able to maintain an account without returning a signature card. Is the signature card mandatory for every account or selected ones? Has anyone either never received the signature card or received it but chose to ignore it? Any options to fax over the signature card?

  230. Brian says:

    Do we know if the out of state is being enforced? I saw one comment about not being approved but curious

  231. David of Michigan says:

    Data Point

    2/20 – applied
    3/3 – Santander Checking had $500 deposited from Citi Double Cash (posted as purchase)
    3/3 – Santander Savings had $500 deposited from Citi Double Cash (posted as purchase)
    3/6 – app finally processed / account opened
    3/14 – Signature card mailed in
    3/17 – $500 ACH from Fidelity Brokerage Account
    6/2 – $225 bonus posted

  232. Matt says:

    DP: I had closed Extra20 accounts last year shortly after the last bonus posted.

    2/20 – Applied
    3/03 – Received message saying account was opened
    3/06 – Initial deposit of $25 posted
    4/25 – State tax refund posted to satisfy direct deposit requirement
    6/02 – $225 bonus posted.

    I also live in a state that was (after I applied) removed from the eligibility list.

  233. NBG says:

    3/06 – account opened email and also initial CC deposit posted.
    4/2 – real employer DD $500
    6/6 – $225 bonus posted.

  234. Steve says:

    Opposing data point:

    2/6 – account opened
    3/3 – employer DD $500+
    6/6 – 90 + 30 days, and still no bonus

    Called Santander and they said they’d file a form for me. Supposedly there have been problems with June promotion payouts but that doesn’t seem to be the case when I read all the DPs here. They originally told me it’d take an additional 5 business days, but now it’s 7-10 business days.

    I dislike this bank.

  235. J.M. says:

    6/8 Bonus posted

    3/9 initial cc funding posted opening acct
    3/20 – Wells Fargo $500 DDA (serving as my qualifying DD)

    I’m in North Carolina

  236. Mike says:

    is everyone closing the account after bonus posts?

  237. Surprised says:

    I did a Schwab DD and it posted as a P2P. What is this and does it count??

  238. JuicyJosh says:

    Opened when nationwide. In FL. My account closed because they “didnt receive” signature card that is mail return only. Spouse’s DPs below.

    2/28/17 – Applied online
    3/9/17 – Opening deposit posted
    3/30/17 – $501 CapOne 360 ACH (not showing P2P )
    2x per month – $2 Ally recurring ACH transaction to keep account fee free (showing as P2P)
    6/8/17 – $225 Bonus Posted

    As always, THANKS DoC!

  239. Lee says:

    Datapoint (DP):

    – $225 bonus posted 91 days from account opening.
    – When I signed up, the documentation showed that the bonus was for $150
    – Didn’t get any sort of paperwork that mentioned the bonus in the welcome packet
    – Applied before the state-specific language, didn’t call to inquire about it, still got $225 bonus
    – Used referral link to sign up, did the $250 DD and 5x debits, no $50 VGC yet
    – Was wondering if they would match anyone who signed up for the $150 one to $225 automatically, but seems like they don’t. A family member’s bonus for the $150 posted ~2 weeks before the $225 for mine posted.

    03/02/17 – Applied for savings and checking, funded each $500 with Merrill+
    03/10/17 – Approved for both
    03/21/17 – Made 1x $500 Direct Deposit from Capital One 360 Checking
    03/21/17 – Made 1x $250 Direct Deposit from Capital One 360 Checking
    03/21/17 – Made 5x $00.50 Balance Reloads at Amazon with debit card
    06/09/17 – Bonus Posted, shows as:

    06/09/2017 BONUS PAYMENT $225.00

  240. max says:

    Chase transfer doesnt work, trying paypal now

  241. Laura Gould says:

    Data Point (DP)
    3/13/17 Applied online for 225 bonus
    4/7/17 Sent $500 transfer from WF to Santander: WELLS FARGO DDA TO DDA040617 F2EXXXXXXX
    6’/9/17 $225 Bonus posted
    I am in CT
    I inquired about closing account while I was in a branch, I was told no penalty, no problem.

  242. Johnny says:

    Opened 3/15/2017, funded with credit card
    3/31: Direct deposit from work for $501
    6/14: $225 received

    Also opened a savings account because it pays 1.2% which is around the highest available right now I think. No caps.

  243. Patti says:

    Applied on 3/4/17 for my son (20)
    Pushed 500.01 from Cap One 360 on 4/3/17
    Pushed 505 from Wells Fargo on 4/13/17
    (Just to be sure after having to plead for mine & hubby’s with real paycheck dd)
    Bonus posted 6/13/17. No pleading needed.

    Thanks DoC!!!

  244. Bob says:

    I opened my account on March 15
    I sent $500 from my Fidelity Brokerage Account on March 24
    My bonus posted today. June 14


  245. Mitchell says:

    DP: I applied from one of the now-excluded states when it was still nationwide.
    Account opening: March 16
    DD: April 14 (real employer, $500)
    Bonus posted: June 15!

  246. Patrick says:

    Opened my account from Colorado on March 15, just before the promo was restricted to specific states. DD with Amex Bluebird. Bonus posted June 14. No problems!

  247. P says:

    Is everyone starting to close their account already?
    I finally got my bonus on 6/2.

  248. NBG says:

    Another success DP: My wife account bonus posted yday.
    3/16 opened in branch
    $500 Wells Fargo ach
    $500 blubird ach
    $500 capital one ach
    6/15 $225 bonus

    Also got $50 referral bonus

  249. paandemic says:

    Another positive DP for WF. Bonus is pending today, opened 89 days ago.

  250. RS says:

    3/13/17 – Opened account
    3/20/17 – $500 online transfer from Chase checking (personal account)
    6/13/17 – $225 bonus received
    6/13/17 – Transferred entire account balance to Chase
    6/14/17 – Account balance $0, closed account by phone. When asked why I’m closing the account, just said I wasn’t using it as my primary checking account.

  251. C says:

    Anybody get the bonus with having an acccount open less than 12 months prior to opening?

  252. Jenn says:

    3/18 Applied
    3/20 $20 Opening deposit hit
    4/14 $500 DD (work)
    6/20 $162 Bonus**

    Had to call and they said they would credit the rest

    Received as a GA resident ( applied right before state exclusions)

  253. Chris M says:

    Another data point that Capital One 360 works to trigger DD requirements
    3/19 – Opened
    4/12 – $505 deposit from Capital One 360 (did not list as P2P while Schwab transfer did)
    6/20 – $225 bonus

  254. Will Ryan says:

    DP: Account opened 3/22, Bonus Paid 6/20

  255. justdoit says:

    Received the $50 referral bonus. My referral link is posted above (March 11).

  256. NBG says:

    Received the $50 bonus today in mail for referring my wife. She also got the same. So definitely both bonus ($225 and $50) stack.

  257. Trippy says:

    Where do you put in the offer code? I couldn’t find a place for that.

  258. John says:

    I applied on 2/1/2017 with the code WINTER225. The account was finallyopened on 2/16, however it seemed that the system has not updated and only showed a disclosure of $150 bonus, expired on 1/31/2017. Now after 120 days without the bonus, I called and they said that my code was not valid at the time of application. I wonder if people that applied on 2/1/2017 received the bonus? Could someone have the bonus image of the code WINTER225 that show valid from 2/1/2017? I felt very unlucky here.
    BTW, I also received a paper addendum document confirmed I was eligible for the bonus. However I didn’t keep that paper. Anyone could provide an image of it as well?
    Thank you

  259. Clark Knowlton says:

    2/23 – Account opened
    3/8/17 – ACH from Wells Fargo
    6/28 – Called because the bonus has not posted (30 days after 90 days was 6/23) and they informed me that it was not a Direct Deposit and would not qualify. Looks like Wells Fargo is no longer working?

  260. George says:

    Got my $50 referral bonus in the mail on 6/27, it came in the form of $50 visa prepaid gift card issued by Metabank, expires in 09/17 lol
    I applied in 2/1 and got bonus on 3/15

  261. Tikky says:

    3/18 – Used $50 referral link and then applied online via link above
    3/21 – Account opened
    3/30 – ACH from CO360
    6/20 – $225 bonus

    Good to know that the referral worked. Better late than never I guess. Haven’t received mine yet but confirmed with Referlive that it should be on its way.

    Thanks guys. Here’s mine if you want that extra $50!

    • Tikky says:


      1) Complete your information in the registration form above, review and agree to the Terms & Conditions, then click GO!
      2) Open a new Santander® Simply Right® Checking, Santander® Premier Plus Checking, or Santander® Basic Checking account within 90 days of your invitation and complete the following requirements within 60 days after account opening:
      * Have one (1) or more direct deposits1 totaling at least $250, AND
      * Complete five (5) debit card transactions (PIN or Signature) that posts to your account, AND
      * Keep the account open for at least 60 days.

  262. JASON says:

    Santander Bank is sending targeted personal account checking bonus for $350, required account open by 7/15 with $2000 direct deposit within 90 days. Unique promotion code on the mailer. It seems that they look up address of existing customer and knowing other ppl that possibly living at the same address.

  263. Brad says:

    I should have opened this account in branch. I did it online and it is painfully slow getting this thing going and they are full of excuses when I call and ask them about it. I tend to do it online because of pressure sales by various bank CSR’s when going in. They are making me work for this bonus. 🙁

  264. kt says:

    3/20 Account open
    4/07 serve transfer, show as: SERVE ENTERPRISE EXCHANGE

    serve is the only DD I used.

  265. Mike says:

    Does Fidelity Investments qualify for DD?

  266. Joyce says:

    Opened account on 3/21, bonus posted 6/21.

    I tried several DD methods. Ally and Charles Schwab posted as P2P transactions. Fidelity worked however.

  267. KS says:


    04/12/2017: opened
    06/22/2017: $500 real DD
    07/12/2017: $225 bonus posted (exactly 3 months later)

  268. KP says:

    04/21/17 – Received email that accounts were open (Simply Right Checking and Savings)
    04/24/17 – Funding from Chase Freedom Unlimited hit accounts ($500 checking, $750 savings)
    6/19/17 – ACH push of $600.00 from Capital One 360.
    7/20/17 – $600.00 real DD on 90th day after reading reports on DoC that C0360 push may not work anymore
    7/21/17 – Bonus received today! Not quite sure if the real DD worked or the CO360 worked. I doubt they would’ve turned around the bonus on the 91st day from account opening if it was the real DD. So I’m not sure what happened here.

    I’ll enjoy the bonus either way!

  269. Saf says:

    I opened the account despite being out of state, mainly for the CC funding. Put in the 225 code anyways and got the bonus 90 days later. Pleasant surprise.

    • Mike says:

      Did you open before or after March 15?

      • Saf says:

        I applied sometime in early June online, but the account wasn’t “opened” until 6/16. FWIW I forgot to put the bonus code in online, but called right after and had them input it manually. Idk if that made a difference or not. I’m in CA and used CA address.

        6/16 – Opened
        7/03 – “DD” from Cap1 360
        9/15 – BONUS PAYMENT

  270. Sovichet Suonborai says:

    6/23/2017 – Account opened with $25 deposit
    7/12/2017 – Capital One 360 “deposit” of $500
    9/22/2017 – bonus payment

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