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Bank Account Bonuses

Published on August 21st, 2017 | by William Charles


[Expired] U.S. Bank $200 Checking Bonus – Nationwide & Public – No Direct Deposit Required

This bonus has expired and is no longer available, view the best current bonuses here.

Reposting this as the bonus expires today, U.S. Bank do not typically extend these promotions and I’d be extremely surprised to see this one extended.

Update: I totally forgot to mention this, but U.S. Bank typically does not like to approve people for deposit accounts if you have ARS/IDA frozen. It might make sense to unfreeze those before applying. Another theory is you need to live somewhat close to a branch. It also seems like you need to live somewhat near a branch to be eligible (50 or 100 miles?) Others aren’t having this issue.

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: $200
  • Availability: Nationwide
  • Direct deposit required: Optional
  • Additional requirements: Direct deposits totaling $500 or two bill payments
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft
  • ChexSystems: Mixed data points
  • Credit card funding: Yes, up to $500
  • Monthly fees: $0 – $8.98, waivable 
  • Early account termination fee: None
  • Household limit: None mentioned
  • Expiration date: August 21st, 2017

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • U.S. Bank is offering a $200 bonus when you open a new Silver Check, Gold Checking or Platinum checking account and complete the following requirements:
    • Enter promotion code on sign up or give it to your banker (you can request a code via e-mail or text)
    • Complete one or more recurring direct deposits totaling at least $500 OR complete two or more U.S. Bank Bill Pay transfers of $25 each or more within 60 days of account opening

The Fine Print

  • Checking Package Offer – A minimum deposit of $25 is required to open a U.S. Bank consumer checking account.
  • To earn the $200 bonus offer, open a new U.S. Bank Consumer Silver Checking Package, Gold Checking Package or Platinum Checking Package between and including June 24, 2017 and August 21, 2017.
  • Present your promotion code to a branch or 24-Hour phone banker or enter it online at account opening.
  • Additionally, you must complete one or more recurring direct deposits totaling at least $500 OR complete two or more U.S. Bank Bill Pay transactions of $25 each or more (you are responsible to ensure sufficient funds are deposited to cover bill payments and enrollment in Online and/or Mobile banking is required) within 60 days of account opening.
  • The checking account bonus will be deposited into your new consumer checking account within 60 days of direct deposit or Bill Pay verification, as long as your account is open.
  • Bonus will be reported as interest earned on IRS form 1099-INT and recipient is responsible for any applicable taxes.
  • Offer may not be combined with any other checking account bonus offers.
  • Offer is not valid if you have an existing U.S. Bank consumer checking account, had a U.S. Bank consumer checking account in the last six months, or received other U.S. Bank bonus offers within the past six months.
  • Current U.S. Bank employees are not eligible.

Avoiding Fees

U.S bank has three checking products which qualify for this promotion:

  • Silver Checking Account
  • Gold Checking Account
  • Platinum Checking account

Probably the easiest way to keep this fee free is to open the Gold Checking account; if you have a U.S Bank credit card then the monthly fees on this account are waived. You might also be able to get them waived through this.

If you don’t have a U.S Bank credit card and aren’t planning on getting one, your best bet is to open the Silver checking account which has of $8.95 ($6.95 if you enroll in paperless statements).

Fee is waived if you do these three things:

  1. Go paperless
  2. Open a Package Money Market Savings account (no fee)
  3. Do one of these two things:
    • Have combined direct deposits totaling $1,000 or more, OR
    • Maintain an average monthly balance of $1,500

Our Verdict

They offer a public bonus like this once a year, last year it was $150 + $20. The good thing is you can do this bonus even if you did that one (as long as you’re not an existing checking customers, have been one in the last six months or have received a bonus in the last six months). This is an awesome bonus and ticks all the boxes:

  • $200 is on the larger side, especially for nationwide bonuses
  • Direct deposit not required
  • Easy to keep fee free

This is going straight to the best checking bonus page. Another advantage is opening this would make you eligible for the Altitude Reserve card as well (still have to wait 30 days unless you apply in branch).

Hat tip to AlienBrainJuice

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Thanks DoC! Would be nice to note that the Package Money Market account has no monthly maintenance fee and only requires $25 to open.

Easy way to keep Silver Free

Except that you still need a minimum direct deposit or an average daily balance to keep the money Market package free from the maintenance fees.

$0 With a Package Money Market Savings account

– AND either

Combined monthly direct deposits totaling $1,000

– or –

A combined average deposit balance of $1,500

Can anyone say if you can close this account online rather than having to go to a branch in person. I can’t find anything about closing the account. Thanks

Roberto Martinez
Roberto Martinez

Any us bank credit card you recommend applying for. Bonus would be dope


Uhh…30k MR? It says 30k Flexpoints.

Argh closed my USB account too late, March 23. Hope they extend this past Sept 23.

I’m March 14. Really hoping so as well.

I plan on applying for a US Bank card, but not right away. Any DPs on if the gold package is fee free for the first month or two?

Or should I get silver and then upgrade to gold if I get approved for a card?

just got denied. Maybe due to chexsystems? Have opened up quite a few MT bank accounts recently…

You can get more than one MT bank bonus?

Yes, see the DoC posts for the various MTB Bonuses, you can get one for each promo code. QD and QC are expiring today ($150 each) so you can still get them.

literally open an account last week. Does US Bank match?

They told me no on the phone yesterday, but the reason stated was that there was already a promo applied to my account (same terms just for $150). Based on this I’d say it is worth a phone call.

Denied. ~12 new accounts in 2017.

Are those all bank accounts or including credit cards?
I have opened ~10 bank accounts this year. So far so good.

Any dps on if they’ll match? Working on a targeted 150 mailer with the same requirements…

How am I constantly being denied when applying for basic checking/savings accounts? Just denied US Bank’s Silver checking package, and in the past I was denied by BMO Harris and M&T Bank (whom I understand accepts just about everybody and accepts them about 15 times each). I have $200k+ income, 10+ years of credit history with no negative marks and have never been late/missed a single payment, 810 FICO. Last year, Chase approved me for Private Client. This year, I’ve received instant rejections from the likes of BMO, M&T, and USBank’s most basic checking accounts. Honestly baffled.

did you have your Equifax file frozen at the time of account applications? I had that situation with several banks including BMO and M&T. I unfroze it and BMO went through. M&T still doesn’t like me though. I later found out I also had a misspelled name on my EQ file which might also have caused the problem.

Good question – Two weeks ago I froze Experian. I hadn’t considered/remembered this.

I was denied by M&T Bank today. I’m assuming it’s because I’m out of state. I was approved by every other bank.

I’m out of state and haven’t been denied

This thread is for U.S. Bank.

Sweet! Haven’t been able to open a bank account I could fund with a credit card in sometime, nice to get points off this one! Funded with Chase Freedom Unlimited (declined at first, received fraud alert from Chase, approved it and it tried again transaction went through).

I have over a dozen Chex inquiries this year but no previous accounts with US Bank.

Also, my cash advance is set at $100 & I funded $25 checking $475 MM. One charge for $500 is currently pending on my card so it has to have coded as a purchase.

Michael McKinney
Michael McKinney

When you used the Freedom card did it go through as a cash advance?

Nope, went thru as a purchase. (It would have been denied as a cash advance because my limit is set at $100 for CA & I charged $500.)

My charge is declined as fraud as well. When you say “approved it and it tried again transaction went through”, did you re-complete the application?

I already received an email from US bank with account numbers, so not sure if I should re-re-complete the application.

No, I didn’t re-complete the app. I got a text from Chase Fraud, replied the charge was legit and then tried charging again within the application. If your application has already gone through and you have account numbers you might have missed your chance, You could always call USBank and ask about the initial account funding.

Success! Instant approval, funded $500 with my new Amex Gold Ameriprise. I went for the Gold package to avoid fee,s also got pre-qualified for two consumer cards but neither has bonuses…

Haven’t checked if it codes as cash advance yet, but Amex chat rep recently said only ATMs can cash as cash advance (no idea if that’s true).

Thanks DoC!

The CC funding page has very mixed and confusing results as to whether it’s cash advance or not for amex. I’d be curious to know how yours codes, so I’d appreciate an update when you check!

Ameriprise gold is a charge card, so there are no cash advances.

Wow they are Chex sensitive?


Last year, someone pointed me to this program, which I used to waive monthly fees on the Gold checking account:

728 isn’t high enough unfortunately

You have 728 on Transunion and you did not qualify for that program that would get you free gold fees?

Anyone willing to share their transunion score so we know the cut off?

Never mind, 728 is my FICO, my vantage is like 675. Haha

Qualified with 742 VS 3.0 Someone posted on r/churning 740 was the cutoff.

They definitely use VantageScore 3.0, but the cutoff must be lower than 740. My FICO is 766, but my VS3 is only 708, and I qualified.

Denied @ 735. No apps planned anytime soon so will probably go above 740 in the next couple weeks, will update if approved.

So it looks that program, Because You’ve Earned It, needs Trans-union Score. Does this mean they will hard-pull?

I assume the “won’t impact your credit score” probably means it’s a soft pull?

I authorize U.S. Bank to obtain my credit score through TransUnion®, the supplier of the VantageScore® 3.0 credit score used for this program. I understand that this credit score check:
Will be used only to determine my eligibility for Because You’ve Earned It
Cannot be used to determine eligibility for other U.S. Bank products
Won’t impact my credit score

Hey thanks for this. Was just approved.

Qualified with a 818.

this might be location sensitive? I have a lot of us banks near me and my score is ~735 and was approved for this program.

Approved. Seven bank accounts opened in the past 12 months. Put $500 on my new CIP (hopefully it codes as a purchase) and will do the two bill pays. Thanks Doc!

Can you pay off an existing credit card balance and count that as a Bill Pay? Or does the bill have to be like a utility or internet bill?

you can pay off CC balance, just remember to set it up through US Bank end, not your CC end.
I did it with last year promo, worked smoothly.

I did as well. I funded the account with $500 on my Prestige. Flagged as purchase, not cash advance. Then I did 2 bill pays from the originally funded amount to pay off the Prestige’s balance.

Perfect timing! I just passed the 6 month mark from closure of my last US bank bonus account

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