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Bank Account Bonuses

Published on October 4th, 2018 | by William Charles


[VA, NC] Union Bank & Trust $100 Checking Bonus

Bonus is back and valid until November 30th, 2018. Hat tip to reader SG & neverchurningbutter

Bonus is back and valid until July 31st, 2018. Thanks to reader Gadget. They might also allow you to open if you’re in NC now as well.

Offer is back and valid until November 18th, 2017 now. Hat tip to reader Humberto de Richmond

Offer at a glance

The Offer

Direct link to offer (VA) or NC

  • Receive a sign up bonus of $100 when you open a new free checking account with Union Bank & Trust and complete the following:
    • set up one recurring qualified direct deposit in which two direct deposits of $250 or greater are received within 60 days of account opening



The Fine Print

  • In order to qualify for the $100 cash bonus, you must (1) open a new personal Checking account, by July 31, 2018, AND (2) set up one recurring qualified direct deposit in which two direct deposits of $250 or greater are received within 60 days of account opening.
  • A “qualified direct deposit” is a direct deposit of a paycheck, pension, Social Security or other eligible regular monthly income, electronically deposited by an employer or an outside agency into your new checking account.
  • Cash bonus is only available to new customers that do not currently have a personal checking account with us and have not received a cash bonus from us in the prior 12 months.
  • Bonus may not be combined with any other offer and may be withdrawn without notice.
  • $100 Cash Bonus Payment: $100 cash bonus will be credited to your new checking account within 30 days after all terms of offer are met.
  • Your checking account must be in good standing at time of payment to receive cash bonus award. Cash bonus value will be reported to IRS as taxable income.

Avoiding Fees

The free checking account has no monthly fee to worry about.  According to the fee schedule you’ll be charged an early account termination fee of $25 if the account is closed within 180 days of opening.

Our Verdict

Offer is significantly better than it was before as you can open online and there is no monthly fee to worry about. Still by no means the best checking sign up bonus, but better than it previously was especially with the credit card funding. As always share your data points in the comments below.

Big thanks to reader, Curmudgeon & Gadget who let us know. Please consider sharing bank bonuses with this site so we can make it even better.

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DP: Per the banker, “CC Funding”, because of the way they do it, would code as cash advance. I did not bother to try it. He also said it was a Soft inquiry to ChexSystems to do the “credit check”. They WERE NOT inquiry sensitive, other than the did ask me if I had a couple recent accounts out of state. I just verified they were mine, that I opened them while in a specific state while on an extended visit with family.

Some other notes: Said they could waive the fee for the first order of checks if I opened a savings account. I declined. Not sure why that would be a qualifier though. Banker did try to push other types of accounts I could open. I think he said a savings account was a requirement to get a credit card, which I thought was strange. I was able to signup for online access at home, and noted out of the multitude of banks I have used, they have a nicer, polished interface for the web interface. Just my first impression. Opening in branch took less than an hour. Got given a free pen and 2017 calendar, for those that are in this for the swag. 🙂

DP: Soft pull, Chex. Not inquiry sensitive. Testing a Discover ACH for the DD, but will follow -up with a real DD on Feb 1st, so I may never know if Discover was enough to trigger the bonus.

DP: Apparently the DD MUST BE recurring and post more than once to the account. Discover ACH was implied to count as a DD.

Did not receive bonus, even though I did ONE real honest-to-goodness DD and ONE ACH from Discover. Contacted them via SM. First response was the bonus would be paid at the end of last month. Didn’t happen, so I contacted them again. Apparently they are hung up on the word “recurring” DD as part of the terms. Because I only did one “DD” from each, they aren’t paying until it becomes recurring. PITA, because the ACH account I used is now closed, and if I move my real DD, I risk losing a better bonus that is in progress. BS. Regretting this one, esp. with the small reward!


First, it is only good for accounts opened “May 1, 2017 and May 31, 2017”, so you are ahead of the game. I would be worried that they would not honor early-birds, or change the terms the terms last minute.

Couple things have changed since last go around & article needs updating:

1. Free Checking qualifies – last time it had to be the Interest Checking or higher.

2. You can Sign Up online, or via phone too. Last time it was branch only.

3. They removed the $500 min for the DD, and specifically state it has to hit twice in 90 days.

I am still within my 6 month early termination, so I won’t be signing up again, but I may sign up my S.O.

They are not Chex inquiry sensitive, and did pull Chex last time. Discover ACH DID count as DD.

Applying online CC funding is available for $2000 total (you can try to open a savings as well, but that doesn’t change the max). Not sure how it codes though… I tried my CSP but I was rejected (got an email within 5 minutes) for the application, so it sure if it would have coded as a CA…

Called the 800# that was told I could open one in a branch but could not go through the online option since I had 15 inquires on my Chexreport… (Thank DoC lol)…Will try to stop by branch and update when I have a chance…

Hi BHanna,

During the whole application process, does somewhere show the bonus information? I tried to apply online but the landing page doesn’t conclude the $100 bonus promotion or a promo code to enter.


Yea, I saw the promo code field and left it blank… After I finished the application there was a place to upload documents, I up loaded advertisment from online.

Was able to open the account in the branch… They pulled my report, and asked me why I had so many inquires, to which I responded “I am trying to find a conviently located bank that will handle my banking needs- Are you that bank?” and the lady laughed and continued doing her thing…

Got the Account and routing number… will try Cap360 and Discover push..

Did you by any chance attempt CC funding when you opened in-branch?

Thank you for all the information in your post/updates!

Yea… Lady said she would have to swipe it as a cash advance, so I didn’t push that route any further

Applied online, received a confirmation email of application, then received another email about denial decision shortly after:

Dear XXX,

Thank you for your recent deposit account application with Union. We regret that we are unable to open the account at this time due to incomplete or conflicting identification information that we have requested.

If you wish to continue with applying for an account, please visit your local branch.


Union Bank & Trust

Has someone met with the issue here?

I know this is an old post, but I’m responding for posterity…

I got the same message and I had to go to my local branch so they could re-enter everything, which pushed the approval. Unfortunately the online and in-person (phone or branch) system processes credit cards differently and online is the only way to not have it code as a cash advance.

However, since I was now a customer I was able to open a second account with CC funding. I’m pretty sure I have to keep the first account open since it’s the one with the bonus attached, but I can probably open as many as they’ll let me now.

Wanted to provide a DP for funding with a credit card. I used my consumer Amex SPG for $1000 initial deposit and it has coded as a purchase, oddly enough, with a merchant code of Wholesale Stores.


DP: Declined for too many enquiries.

How many checking accounts have you applied recently?

more than 6 this year. dont remember the exact number of enquiries.

Signed up S.O. Attempted funding $2K with Chase F/U. Confirmation at end of application said “under review”. Funding showed up immediately in Chase login as pending, but only $1 debit, -$1 Credit.

Got an e-mail the next business day the account was denied, and to expect a letter in the mail. Suspect it is Chex inquires – approximately 8 in the last year. When I applied for myself last year in the branch, I had well over 8 and was approved. Conclusion: Inquiry sensitive when applying online.

I just tried to open this account in branch, and they said they don’t allow credit card funding with american express, contrary to the datapoint given in this thread where someone said they used amex spg…

DP: Just funded $2,000 with AMEX SPG. Applied for the account last night, it went pending. AMEX was charged $1.00. This morning received approval email and charge of $2K went pending on AMEX. Also, received a fraud alert from AMEX, called and confirmed $2K deposit. All is good!

Did this check out ok for rewards spending?

Just FYI… This promo has been extended to 6/30/17.
I opened my account last week, so I don’t know if I will have a direct deposit data point prior to 6/30, but if I do, I will update.

My ACH from Discover Bank is showing as “DISCOVER BANK/P2P.” P2P works all day long with M&T Bank, but not necessarily with others, so this one is a crap shoot at the moment. I will go ahead and link Schwab to see if a transfer from them will code differently.

DP Just applied and funded $2000 opening deposit with Amex BBPlus. After completing application, I received “Your application is currently under review and a Sales & Service Representative will contact you within 1-2 business days from the receipt of your application.” Within 10 minutes, I received a welcome email along with instructions for completing the signature card. At the same time, Amex sent me a notice that a $2000 charge was approved. It coded under Wholesale Stores too lol Hope that helps!

Humberto de Richmond
Humberto de Richmond

Barclay aviator card coded as a purchase. Chase ACH counted as DD.

Interesting Data Point – Capital One 360 counted as a DD for me, but I didn’t even have to make the deposits. The trial credits did it.

6/9 Trial Credit from Cap1 360 coded as “CAPITAL ONE N.A.”
6/9 Trial Credit from Cap1 360 coded as “CAPITAL ONE N.A.”
6/12 $100 Bonus posted

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