Posted by William Charles on June 12, 2018
AmEx Offers

Published on June 12th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Expired] [Business Cards] AmEx Offer: 10% Back At Lowe’s, $100 Limit

This offer has now expired, view more American Express offers by clicking here.

Reposting as offer is showing up again if you weren’t able to enroll before. Try using this link if you still can’t get it to show.

The Offer

No direct link, targeted offer

  • Spend up to $1,000 in one or more transactions online or in-store at Lowe’s and get 10% back in statement credits.

The Fine Print

  • Limit of $100 in total statement credits per American Express Card Member.
  • Expires November 30, 2018.
  • Excludes electronic gift cards and corporate cards.
  • Excludes, Lowe’s Zone, Lowe’s custom blinds & shades store, The Mine, Resolve, Partsquik website,, and

Our Verdict

Like the Staples offer it looks like this is only on business cards, I’d save it now if you see it as it won’t last long due to hitting the enrollment limit. I’d recommend reading Chuck’s post on how he maximized a similar offer in the past. If you’re purchasing items at Lowe’s directly, don’t forget they frequently offer a 11% rebate. Keep in mind electronic gift cards are excluded.

View more Amex offers here & if you have any questions abut American Express offers then read this post.

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I know Staples sends L3 data to Amex… but does Lowe’s too? I would like to buy some gift cards there to meet min spend.
Thank you.

There is also a FedEx offer going around. I have 25% off shipping (upto $1000 back) but I have heard there is a lower 15% offer as well.

This is also on a business card

have 15% and 5% version as well

There is a Dell 10% offer too, got all of the below offers on my SPG Business:

Fedex 25%
Dell 10%
ExonMobil 10%
Lowes 10%
Staples 10%

Frito Pendejo

I think this is targeted, I didn’t get it on any biz cards but I got the other two (staples and exxon)

Thanks, got Lowe’s, Staples and Exxon on my Simply Cash.

First time I’ve gotten any useful business stuff on my business simplycash. Always on biz green but never simplycash.

Thanks for the heads up! Amazon gift cards time. Although I highly doubt I’ll be buying $20,000 of amazon gift cards LOL

I had another offer last month or so for 1 extra MR point per dollar spent on my blue business card. If I add the 10% off offer to the same card. Will they stack?

Yes they should.

The way I understand the terms I don’t have to spend a full $1000. I can spend only $100 throughout the promotional period and still get 10% back, right?

Correct, you get 10% back on one or multiple transactions up to $1,000. If you spend $500 you’ll get $50 back.

Does Lowes sell Visa gift cards and/or merchant gift cards and will they trigger the offer ya think?

They sell Visa cards.

… and MasterCard and Amex and a large variety of 3rd party cards (at least locally to me).

My location sells visa gift cards at $200 denominations and $6.95 fee.

are you concerned about the wording “Limit of $100 in total statement credits per American Express Card Member.” while in the past it was “per online account”?

So I have the 2x MR @ lowe’s on the blue business plus offer… and then I also got this 10% cash back offer. Guess I need to do some home improvements!

that 2X MR is only at not in store

+1 Currently in FL where our back door was blown off during Hurricane Irma. I bought my Lowe’s gc’s (4) the past day before that discount expired and found this this morning (10%) and have the 2X MR. FL is also having a no sales tax holiday (FL Disaster Preparedness). I also get a 10% Vet discount. I’ll be adding 2 Nest smart thermostats w/ 2 free Google mini’s to this (has tax).

Can this be double dipped for authorized users with a different account number? Both my wife and I have the SPG amex so do we get 10% back up to $2000? Looking to get disney gift cards at Lowe’s/Staples.

Yes as long as each card has the offer under their respective accounts.

Good for buying GCs but for actual merch at Lowe’s you’re probably better off buying gift cards which can frequently be had on eBay Deals for 15% off.

Either way, combine this offer or the discounted GCs with readily available 10% off movers coupons and there are deals to be had.

Depends on what it is, if its something you want price protection, extended warranty, etc. on it might be worth buying the merch on your AMEX.

New to Amex and was wondering if these statement credits normally post shortly after the transaction posts or at the end of the offer period (November 2018)?

Most of the time it posts shortly like 2-3 days.

The rebate is posting about two days after the charge posts. But the charge often takes 2 days or more to post from pending. I’d say it’s mor like 4-5 days.

bought GC but never got the Congr Email, finger crossed

Yup same here. Both me and my wife purchased GCs at Lowe’s and neither of us got Congrats email.

Having issues buying vgcs at Lowe’s. “Gift card declined” at cashier. Charged for vgcs that are not activated. Need to get a cc refund for charges that did not activate the vgcs.

VGC or one of the Everywhere GC? The latter’s fee is cheaper and could be almost just as easily liquidated.

Had the same issue yesterday with the variable Amazon gift cards (25-500 and 25-200). Got charged for the gifts cards that were not activated. The cashier processed a refund but refused to try to run them again.

Same happened to me with the 25-500 and 25-200 Amazon twice at the same store last week, tried the $100 and worked fine, try buying $100 and report back.

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