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Jay (@guest_1869136)
July 3, 2024 16:40

Posted 7/2 “PROMOTIONAL BONUS EFF:06/28/24″

Guy grand
Guy grand (@guest_1869080)
July 3, 2024 15:22

Not targeted. Deposited 10k on 12/19. Withdrew 10k on 5/1. Contacted them about bonus in June. Was told I would be paid. I was paid $150 bonus 6/17. And then weirdly just paid $150 on 7/2. Anyone else double paid???

Morris (@guest_1868753)
July 3, 2024 08:32

I complained with Penfed yesterday and my bonus is there today!

captainsave (@guest_1868663)
July 3, 2024 01:14

So how many people file a cfpb claim?

Looney Tunes
Looney Tunes (@guest_1869069)
July 3, 2024 15:12

Looks like the bonuses are posting if an inquiry or complaint is made to PenFed directly (and that’s a first step before filing a complaint with the CFPB anyways).

KyleC (@guest_1868409)
July 2, 2024 16:56

My bonus posted today and says “PROMOTIONAL BONUS EFF:06/28/24”

Looney Tunes
Looney Tunes (@guest_1868458)
July 2, 2024 18:07

My $750 bonus posted also and had the 6/28 effective date on it.

I was one of those doing the promo without any prior relationship to PenFed and complained thru a chat with them yesterday.

LD2222 (@guest_1868608)
July 2, 2024 22:56

mine posted today as well

Slickdealer (@guest_1867965)
July 1, 2024 23:49

Called them up today. I am an existing account holder that participated in the offer when the terms were open to everyone and not targeted.

The representative verified to make sure that I completed all the terms of the offer, which I did. They also were able to find the offer in their database and confirmed that the offer was indeed available to all existing account holders and not targeted. They sent an email to their marketing department and said I should get a response via call/email within the next 24-48 hours regarding the bonus.

Like some of the other posts here, I will wait till the end of this week to see if it gets resolved before pursuing further action.

Slickdealer (@guest_1868688)
July 3, 2024 03:46

Update: My $750 Bonus got posted on July 2nd, a day after I called them.
Glad this was able to get resolved quickly without having to contact CFPB.

ORyan (@guest_1867901)
July 1, 2024 22:01

7 emails sent in may and June. Still no bonus posted ($750m). I am surprised you get answer because I never get any answer.
Shady bank. Cfpb claim posted today.

ckitsap (@guest_1867851)
July 1, 2024 20:40

Here’s how they responded to my written inquiry:
We received your report that your account had not yet receiving the bonus associated with your large deposit. You are correct. There had been a minor oversight on our end which delayed this credit for some members. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
Please expect the bonus of $750 to be credited to your account over the next 72 business hours.”

favo🔗 (@guest_1867825)
July 1, 2024 19:52

I emailed the CS and was told their promotion department would look into the issue and get back to me in 2-3 business days. Later I received an email update saying that the bonus will be credited in 3 business days.

Andy (@guest_1867790)
July 1, 2024 18:59

I emailed the CS and got this – not sure where this “06/15/2024” comes from. Sent another email to follow up.

The promotional deposit will be credited to the account 60 days from 06/15/2024.