Posted by William Charles on January 25, 2016

Published on January 25th, 2016 | by William Charles


Doctor Of Credit Posts You Should Have Bookmarked

There are a lot of posts on this site (over 3,000 in fact) a lot of those are just deals that have expired or things that no longer work, but there are some posts that are worth keeping bookmarked so you can find them easily. I’ve just gone through every single post we’ve ever written (a huge waste of time I assure you, although amusing to see how awful this site used to be) and put those posts together below. If you think I’ve missed any, let me know in the comments.

They aren’t in any particular order, either. So have fun going through each one and let me know your favorite post in the comments.

Credit Card

Bank Bonuses

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Mark O
Mark O

Or just bookmark this page and you have it all!


That’s a lot of bookmark worthy posts! Keep up the great work guys!


A nice example of why this is one of the best resources on the net. If you’re benefitting from this blog, pay them back by signing up through their links, using their referrals etc.



DoC has managed to aggregate and extrapolate a lot of pointedly concise and helpful information while still keeping a noob friendly yet non-fluffy feel to it. Your posts have helped me make or save well over $10k since I started learning about MS. I read a bunch on FT forums early on too but it was a chore sifting through all the info and asking a question was always inviting ridicule. I know it’s no small task sifting this info which is why I appreciate the blog that much more.

And to think it all started just wanting to learn more about the finer points of credit.

While the days of scaled MS appear to be coming to an unceremonious end, I look forward to whatever direction you take this blog next. Thanks Will!


One page to rule them all !!


Will, yer awesome, and this just goes to show – one reason alone – why this is one of the best/most resourceful sites on the interwebz currently. once again, thank you for all your hard work. we really appreciate it. I wish you’d share ALL deals and not censor anything. it almost seems like you get bullied around a bit from the twitter crowd, especially dumbasses like that loser tbb george.

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