Posted by William Charles on September 17, 2017
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Published on September 17th, 2017 | by William Charles


[Expired] [Targeted][NV] Nevada State Bank $150 Checking Bonus

This deal has expired, view the best current checking bonuses here.

Note fine print states: Offer is valid to only the recipient of the postcard and is subject to change at any time. This is enforced.

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: $150
  • Availability: NV only?
  • Direct deposit required: Yes, $500+
  • Additional requirements: 10 debit or credit card purchases
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft pull
  • ChexSystems: Yes, inquiry sensitive
  • Credit card funding: None
  • Monthly fees: $9, avoidable
  • Early account termination fee: Account must be kept open for 90 days
  • Household limit: None listed
  • Expiration date: October 13, 2017

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Nevada State Bank is offering a checking bonus of $150 when you meet the following requirements within 60 days of account opening:
    • Receive direct deposit(s) totaling $500
    • Make 10 debit or credit card purchases

The Fine Print

  • Checking accounts require a minimum opening deposit ranging from $20 – $100 and a fee for early closure may apply.
  • To qualify for $150 bonus: Open any Nevada State Bank checking account by 10/13/17 and keep it open 90 days AND participate in direct deposit for the first 60 days AND make ten (10) credit or debit card purchases within the first 60 days.
  • Qualifying direct deposit will be a one-time direct deposit of at least $500 OR multiple direct deposits totaling at least $500.
  • Applicable bonus will be deposited into checking account within 60 days of completion of qualifications.
  • Qualification and account requirements must be met in order to receive the bonus. Existing Nevada State Bank clients are not eligible.
  • Offer is valid to only the recipient of the postcard and is subject to change at any time. (This is enforced)
  • All bank account bonuses are treated as income/interest and as such you have to pay taxes on them

Avoiding Fees

Basic checking is the easiest account to keep fee free. It has a $9 monthly fee that is waived if you do any of the following:

  • Direct deposits into the account of $500 per statement cycle,OR
  • at least one usage of the NSB credit card2 of the primary checking account holder during the statement cycle to make a purchase or cash advance,OR
  • maintain an average daily balance of $1,500 or more during the statement cycle,OR
  • provide proof of school enrollment for the primary account owner (valid for students under age 24),OR
  • show valid military identification to have fees waived until ID expires.

Account also needs to be kept open for at least 90 days

Our Verdict

Pretty good bonus, it’s a shame that there is no credit card funding and that they are also sensitive to too many ChexSystems inquiries.  I will add this to our list of the best checking bonuses, but will make note of the fact they are ChexSystems sensitive.

Big thanks to reader, Rusty who let us know. Learn how to find bonuses and contribute to the site here.

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When I tried to sign up, no hard pull was done. They’re Chex-sensitive. I had 11 inquiries in the last 12 months before this denial. No credit card funding.


They specifically cited Chex when they denied me.


Are u in nevada?


no online app? in branch or phone in only?


was bored at work and applied online. application under review (showed at the end of app and email afterwards). was able to setup online banking (inactive atm) and was given an account number but the status is still under review (?). no cc funding as stated above. minimum of $100 to fund (used chase checking). 5 (easy and not weird) identity questions. will set up e-statement once approved as there’s a $2.50 fee.

i’m in northern california and 3 of the branches are 12 to 22 miles away. i figured i’d try and see what happens. 😀

any questions about the application, just ask. I screenshot every step of the way.

Bruce Robinson
Bruce Robinson

Does anybody know what counts as DD? I don’t see any DP’s for Nevada State Bank, but their website doesn’t specify that it needs to be payroll DD.


Does anyone know if applying in branch raises your chances for the Chex account?


update: app denied coz of ‘cannot verify identity per experian’. which was surprising to me as i haven’t been declined in a while (cc or bank) coz of identity. i could still open in branch but will be a new application. i won’t coz of this ymmv term “Offer is valid to only the recipient of the postcard and is subject to change at any time.”

i ask if the checking is open for everybody/nationwide, csr said yes (after a long hold).


I just opened this account successfully from NV, minimum opening deposit is $100 and not between $20-$100.


Follow up. Looks like i missed the fine print saying it was only for people who received the postcard and were targeted. Or that was added to this post after I applied for this account.

For three months I was told I have completed all requirements for the bonus but not once was I told that I did not qualify for it. Only on asking where is the bonus since 3 months are complete I was being informed about this.


DP –> At least I can confirm chase ACH transfer counts as a DD for Nevada State bank as I did not get charged for the monthly fee for making the DD.

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