Posted by William Charles on June 28, 2016
Bank Account Bonuses bank account ref pages

Published on June 28th, 2016 | by William Charles


Bank Account Reference Pages

We write a lot of content about bank accounts, whether it be sign up bonuses or high interest accounts. A lot of this information is only useful for a small amount of time, I thought it would be useful to create a page with links to pages with content that is relevant  almost always.

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7 Responses to Bank Account Reference Pages

  1. Ethan says:

    Another great resource DOC. You provide a real public service. Make sure to link to these resources in your top menu area so that they are easily accessible.

  2. misty says:


    I notice that a lot of the bank bonus offers expired in 2015.
    Will there be a current list soon?
    Thanks for all the great info!s

  3. Ernest Escobedo says:

    A local bank ‘US BANK’ misplaced my record of opening an account there while they offered new clients a Bonus for checking accounts. I have been trying not to lose interest in future follow up after spending so many hours calling them trying to get them to actually follow up on their investigation but to no avail so far.

    I opened the checking account on September 8th and would love to see a copy of the original ‘offer’ from Doctor of Credit if you could direct me to where I could locate a copy of your article that stated that the deal would end on or about Sept. 14th.

    It would mean possibly getting my earned Bonus or not getting a penny.

    I hope you can assist me on this issue.

    A direct reply can be sent to:, thanks!


  4. Rob says:

    Awesome resource…. Could you guys also do an article on checking accounts that have instant mobile deposit? (I’m not sure what it’s called. PenFed and USAA have it. When you mobile deposit a check it’s instantly available. When you transfer funds they are instantly available as well. There have got to be more banks that offer this feature. It’s SO CONVENIENT !

  5. Rob says:

    ….Instant availability of deposited checks and transfers…..

  6. Gadget says:

    Do you have an article on CFPB complaints? What to say, what to expect, typical results? Looking at their FAQ, it seems they leave the answers vague and even pro-bank about fees. I have an account error issue, and being accessed a hefty fee for something that should not have not been an issue. What is my recourse if I cannot get them to see the error in their ways?

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