Posted by William Charles on November 23, 2017

Published on November 23rd, 2017 | by William Charles


[Expired] Cyber Monday Master Post

Cyber Monday is upon us. To try and reduce some congestion on the site and to have an easy one stop shop, I’ve created this master post. I’ve also stickied this to the top of the front page, new posts will appear below. We will still be doing individual posts on deals we think are worth it. If you hate Black Friday/Cyber Monday or our sales coverage in general, the good news is that this only affects you a few days a year and you should easily be able to tell from the title of each post if it’s something that interests you or not. I’d recommend coming back to the site after Cyber Monday in that case. Thanks again for all the readers that support us, feel free to add deals we’ve missed in the comments below. Also please note this post contains our affiliate links.

Live Blog

This section will include new items as I add them to this page, top will be the most recent deals and bottom will be the oldest deal. Deals in other sections will be crudely listed best to worst.  I’ll link to either the deal directly or our coverage of the deal if we have covered it.

Best Deals

I’ll try to rank some of the best deals here. This is just my opinion, man.

  1. GameStop: Used Xbox 360 For $59.99 + Get $60 Visa Giftcard
  2. Amazon: 23andMe DNA/Genetic/Ancestry Test + 75 Reports For $99.99 (Normally $199) [Prime Only]

Gift Card Deals



Sitewide Deals



58 Responses to [Expired] Cyber Monday Master Post

  1. RM says:

    I am sure I will be the first of many to say that this site is amazing because of posts like this. You guys tirelessly do astonishing amounts of legwork to help all of us save money.

    Thank you!

  2. Ann says:

    hi.. does anyone know of any good giftcard deals.. my favorite is the cheesecake factory buy $25 gc and get 2 free cheesecake slices.. any others? Thanks

  3. Skippy says:

    What about this Bed, Bath & Beyond deal you posted about earlier…it’s only good 11/24 – 11/27 and hopefully can stack with AMEX offer.

  4. Trippy says:

    Any good 4k TV offer? Something which is gettable, not the $180 BestBuy Sharp TV deal, for instance.

    • Mike L says:

      Be careful with TV deals on Black Friday. Several manufacturers make stripped down models (usually with just a slightly different model #) so that the stores can sell them for less. It’s fine if you don’t really care about the specs, but if you do – I’d suggest looking them over carefully before buying.

    • J. Grant says:

      I dropped $330 for a LG 49 inch 4K UHD tv at Best Buy a few days before thanksgiving. It was well below it’s usual price. It’s also a smart TV so we’ve already hooked up Prime Video, Hulu (Amex offer!), and YouTube TV and watching streaming content in really high resolution (not sure if 4K), and our 4K and 1080 travel vids.

      Loving the TV so far. No regrets about not waiting 6 hours and the pushing and shoving to save $150. Oh no.

  5. shulem92 says:

    hey doc. quick suggestion. can u add the time u updated this master post in the title manually everytime you update? this way we can know if anything new has been added since the last time we checked… thanx

  6. NinjaX says:

    has anyone ever hosted a cyber holiday shopping command center? basically its Team No Sleep LAN Party for shopping all thru black friday to cyber monday and white boarding strategy and etc. easier to do it when u have dream team vs just urself and only one pair of eyes.

    • jf says:

      Wow I love it! Sounds fun! Would have been a hit for me few years ago. I dunno I’ve been able to get most online and anything else used price protection.

  7. Benjamin says:

    Gamestop has a decent deal – $59.99 for a used Xbox 360 with a $60 prepaid gift card – making the whole thing free after rebate. Add that to their 4 for $10 preowned Xbox360 games [$4.99 or lower list], and you can set up a system and library on the dirt cheap. In store worked like a charm, rebate takes just some pictures of the receipt [no “lost in the mail” rebates]. Their website is having issues intermittently, FYI. System is already cheap, hard to beat free after rebate.

  8. wei says:

    good deal on Ikea gift card , buy 100 and get $20 egift card for free

  9. Chuck says:

    Nice Instapot deal now. Let me add.

  10. Michelle says:

    PetSmart coupon – free bag of dog food: If you are registered with PetSmart, check your Email to see if you got the coupon for a free bag of dog food (or cat food). Just came back from the store with mine.

  11. Jimmy G says:

    Anybody able to get the Best Western Instant Win Game to work?
    I’ve tried a few times, to no avail.

  12. Abey says:

    Cheesecake factory: Buy a $25 gift card.
    Get 2 slices of free cheesecakes in an email voicher.
    You can do this as many times as you wants.
    I bought 4 x $25 for 8 emails of free slices.

  13. Eric says:

    The Wall Street Journal: $1 for 2 months subscription plus points through these airline shopping portals:

    Alaska Mileage Plan: 700 miles
    American AAdvantage: 1,000 miles
    Southwest Rapid Rewards: 700 points
    United MileagePlus: 500 miles

  14. 007 says:

    StudentUniverse is not restricted to students but some of their fares are restricted to students, educators, or a third category which I forget. In any case, I have purchased non-category restricted tickets on StudentUniverse before, although the student-only fare was cheaper.

  15. reader1234 says:

    Starbucksb2b corporate gift card site has 5% off deal, 15pcs min.
    Code is 5%OFFMERRY, ships free Fedex ground. The regular site max out at 10 cards w/ no discount.
    Design on the cards are limited compared that to

  16. Abey says:

    Best western link not working
    Shop rite $100/$15 link not working

    By the way SVM has the BP gas cards $100 for $94 on eBay i wonder with what i could stack them.

  17. John says:

    Read this at 8:40. Ran to Best Buy and got my SNES Classic. Thanks!

  18. RM says:

    If people are interested in the Sony 70-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2017 Model) for $1,198.00 on Amazon, there many places to get it for the same or even better price, such as dealsCube for $1168.20 + free shipping + no tax ( or B&H Photo (same price as Amazon but no tax outside NY/NJ and free shipping) (

  19. JuicyJosh says:

    Wife and I both ran that Best Western spin game. First spin we each got 10k. The 3 spins each since have all been zero. Holding out hope for more points tomorrow but looks like will be a free $25 giftcard for both. Also could be a free night but im not a BW kinda guy.

  20. Adam says:

    Most on this list have expired here. What’s the point of this repost?

  21. _here_ says:

    FYI CardCash has 6% back site wide.

  22. Geo says:

    eBags is out of the Bose QuietComfort, so that deal is unfortunately dead.

  23. JASON says:

    Maybe it’s good to cross out those have already expired? For example this one:

    [Targeted] 10% eBay Bucks Saturday and Sunday [11/25-11/26]

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