Best Posts Last Week: AmEx $30 PayPal Monthly Credit, $250 Prestige Credit & More

Last week we saw American Express add a $30 monthly PayPal credit for Platinum Personal cardholders, this replaces the $20 streaming and $20 wireless mobile credit. Looks like the American Express appreciation credits have been extended into 2021 as well. The $250 Citi Prestige travel credit can also be used at Supermarkets and Restaurants. We took a look at the 2021 Q1 5% rotating categories and how to maximize them as well. Chase has released a number of good co-branded spending bonuses.

The PNC $200/$400 nationwide bank bonuses have been extended. WinTrust has a $300 bonus for those in IL, FL, WI, IN. Ally Bank is giving everybody who had a baby on December 31, 2020 $250. One Finance has increased the referral bonus to $50, they also offer 3% APY.

$10 off $40+ on Amazon when using Capital One rewards deal has been extended. Citi Easy Deals has a free $5 Amazon gift card and $50 Hulu gift card for $25. You can get a free winter essentials via Checkout 51. Amazon Kids is now $19.99 for a year plus there is a $5 Chase offer you can stack it with.

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